What Kind of Foods that Our Bodies Love to Take?


Starting to eat healthy foods now is much better than not at all. Most of us just realize how those healthy foods can bring good impact to human beings when they find out that their friends or relatives were suffering from fatal diseases. So, let’s take a look on what kinds of foods that our bodies love to take.

Vegetable and Fruits

Both of them should be included on our main courses and small meals. Fruits can replace sweets that we usually crave and vegetables should be included in almost all meals. We can even consume broccoli to replace our favorite tortilla chips. Both veggies and fruits are rich of healthy minerals and  vitamins that really can boost our immune systems. It goes without saying that vegetables and fruits are the best ones for reducing the risk of any illness in our older age. Both of them are very beneficial for every organ in a human’s body. Vegetables with darker colors contain richer chlorophyll and it applies to broccolis and collard greens. Others which are also good for our health include onions, sweet potatoes and pears.

Unsaturated Fats

They are available on fish and white meats like chicken. Everyone should, at least, consume one of those options because they contain good fats in moderate way. Salmon and all kinds of fish will be the best options for healthy foods with tasty savor. Though cheese, milk and other fatty meats are still needed for our bodies, we may limit their intake for avoiding higher cholesterol level.

High Protein Foods

Choose the egg whites and nuts and bake them instead of frying them. Some other sources of good protein include beans and nut butters.

Consuming all of them should be combined with plenty of water and adequate exercises so that there will be good balance on food intake and body’s excessive fats disposal.

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