Turn your Smartphone into a gym

Some people are “gym” people. They have no problem setting aside the time to drive to the gym and spend an hour or more working out, then driving home. If you are one of those people, great; but if your schedule or your bank account does not allow for a gym membership, or you just don’t like going, I have an alternative: your phone.

I haven’t counted how many fitness apps there are in the app store, but there are a lot. Regardless of your activity of choice, there’s an app for that. Do you enjoy running, but need to make it a little more exciting than just keeping track of your distance and speed? Try zombies, run! And make a game of it. Do you like the social aspect of working out, but not the actual gym environment, then try Fitocracy, a social network devoted to getting in shape complete with groups, challenges and “level-ups” to keep you motivated.


There are also yoga apps, several of them. If you have already logged in some hours in a studio with an instructor these apps are a great way to enjoy your daily yoga without the cost but I caution you to not use these if you are new to yoga. Without an instructor to make sure you are doing the poses correctly, you could injure yourself. If you are also interested in monitoring your diet, there are apps that you can keep track of your calorie intake in conjunction with your activity level so you have a good idea if you are burning more calories than you are consuming.

There are a myriad other apps out there for keeping fit and toned. Many of these apps allow you to log in your workouts and create a personal profile based on your fitness needs. Who would have thought that a Smartphone could help you stay in shape?

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