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Stress is an excitatory response of the body due to any environmental fight or flight stimulus. When we are stressed, the sympathetic system of the body takes over our body resulting in:

  • Elevated heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased breathing
  • Increased metabolism of the body
  • Weaker immune response
  • Person become more prone to depression and anxiety


How the body responds to prolonged stress:

Many situations in life make us physically or mentally stressed. It might also be that the internal environment of the body is stressed due to any pathology. In any sort of tension, the body has its way to cope up with it. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is released from the adrenal cortex to make certain changes in the body in order to regain the homeostasis. The cortisol readjusts the metabolism to make sure that energy is supplied to the parts that need it most. Prolonged stress does not have a very pleasant effect on the body. It affects the memory, growth in children, healing and repair of wound and the basal metabolic rate.

Symptoms of stress:

Stress can be represented by symptoms that can be emotional, physical, mental and behavioral. Some of the symptoms include low mood, short temper, blueness, constantly worrying, anxiety, headaches, indigestion, irregularity in menses, constipation or diarrhea, insomnia or somnolence etc.

Find if you are stressed right now!

The picture shows names of colors but the color of the ink doesn’t match the name of that color. You need to read the color of the ink and not the name of the color. Count the number of mistakes you do on your fingers.


This test will tell you if you are stressed or stress-free and will evaluate your psychological capability. It is known as the Stroop test.



Although born with an IQ determined, the intelligence may vary stimuli we receive. If you ever wondered how to increase intelligence, today, we give you some tips to do. But, keep in mind that it takes constant training and patience to see results.

What is intelligence?

First we have to define intelligence as there are many qualities that make it up. Generally speaking, intelligence refers to an individual's ability to cope with different situations, understanding, analyzing and developing appropriate information. Studies have shown that you can increase intelligence to train the mind, emerged the concept of brain plasticity, where the brain is showing changes over time and with your workout.

How do we improve intelligence?

Read as many books as you can. Do not limit your areas of reading. The more you read, the better, because you can gain knowledge from different areas.

Analyze what you read. Most importantly, to develop intelligence, is not to repeat, but to be able to interpret, analyze information, and always be open to new ideas that you can acquire.

Use your creativity. Being creative is what helps to increase the intelligence. When you have a difficulty remembering names, or you're forgetful, you can use creative ways to remember, such as attaching the names to something, create a song or a mental game to remember.

Exercise your brain. You can perform activities that allow you to work out, like memorizing the food prices you wear frequently in the supermarket. Try the exact spot where you left things, crosswords or playing chess.

Practice relaxation. Relaxation is beneficial not only to relax, but also to improve your mental functions.

Eat fruits and vegetables. Good nutrition helps you to strengthen your mental abilities.

Be positive and avoid stress. Stress can cloud our capabilities and decrease our performance.

With these ideas to improve intelligence, it can increase your abilities. Try getting new challenges every day, and see how you improve your memory and ability to solve problems of daily life. Intelligence is measured not only in the academic level, but how we face in life, so that the power to manage our emotions and resolve situations demonstrate that we are acting intelligently.