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The skin is the largest organ of the body, so we must take care of it and keep it healthy for a pleasant appearance. There are different types of skin, and today we're going to talk about dry skin care.

The dry skin often requires more care, especially when they reach the changing seasons and more specifically the winter, or when you are exposed for too long in the sun without protection.

We care for all skin (not just the face) , and following these simple tips you can see if your skin look dry very easily.

Care for dry skin:

- Do not use the commercial cream. They contain chemicals that do not help most of the time to improve the condition of your skin. It is preferable to moisturize your skin with homemade recipes.

- Do not wash with tap water. This step is difficult to accomplish for the whole body, but at least for the face, use mineral water. This is to avoid the common water constituents that dry your skin.

- Do not spend more than 10 minutes under water. This because that does not help dry skin. Also, avoid being extremist with temperature, and try showering with warm water.

-Do not rub with the towel. You must dry off with mild strokes throughout the body.

- Consume Omega-3. This helps keep skin hydrated.

- Use a humidifier in your room in the winter time, as it will help retain moisture and moisture in the skin.

Follow these tips and keep your skin hydrated.