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At home, we must be very vigilant, especially when it comes to our child's safety. It is very important to keep household products away from reach, as they can cause harm to your children. Many household products can be poisonous. Here are some:

  • cleaning products for the kitchen, such as cleaner and dishwasher detergent
  • general cleaning products like ammonia, furniture polish and bleach
  • the liquid to clean the toilet, the liquid to unclog drain pipes and other bathroom products
  • laundry products such as bleach, spot remover and fabric softener
  • turpentine, kerosene, lighter fluid and charcoal lighter
  • paint remover, paint thinner, paint and varnish
  • products such as gasoline and antifreeze
  • the bath and beauty products such as makeup, nail polish remover and perfume
  • insecticides, roach traps, rat poison and ant
  • prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs such as aspirin, sleeping pills, laxatives and cough syrup
  • vitamins, iron tablets and other food supplements

Safety Tips

Babies are naturally curious. At this age, they seek to crawl on all sides and climb to get things they want. Protect your child from poisons. Here are some safety tips:

  • Watch your child at all times. Stay close and keep her out of danger.
  • Keep poisons in locked cabinets.
  • Keep household products out of reach.
  • Make sure that all medicines have safety caps. These make it difficult for children to take them off, but do not rely on safety caps only. Given enough time, children manage to open them.
  • Do not leave medicine in the table in the kitchen or bathroom sink. Keep all medicine out of reach.
  • Keep your bag as well as any person who comes to visit. The bags often contain medicines and other harmful products.
  • Throw out old medicines. Check the expiration date on the label. Take the medicine down the toilet and rinse the container.
  • Keep products in their original containers. For example, do not put gasoline in a soda bottle, so there is no danger of a child to mistake.
  • Store harmful products away from food.
  • Get rid of harmful products do not need. It is better to discard a half can of paint thinner than risk an accident. Call the agency that collects the garbage. They have a special place for disposing of these products.