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The weight gain may be due to many causes, although the direct factor implies that accumulate calorie consumption is excessive and unhealthy foods. Thus, the increasingly accentuated fighting extra kilos, looks slimming treatments have focused on ghrelin, a hormone responsible for stimulating hunger. Precisely for this is considered that the ghrelin is linked to obesity.

Is weight gain due to ghrelin?

This hormone is released in large quantities from the stomach before each meal regular schedule, sending signals to the brain which tells the body needs food, so the appetite is stimulated increasing cravings. This is a normal thing, balanced by leptin, a hormone but also in this case dedicated to stimulate satiety.

However, it happens that for various reasons the ghrelin levels may increase, increasing in proportion also hunger, so the body ends up eating more food than you really need. This then leads to an accumulation of waste and fats among other problems helps develop obesity.

How to control ghrelin

While there have been conducting experiments on a vaccine that would inhibit the production of ghrelin, preventing this reached the brain and give the order to start eating. The fact is that there are no proven drug treatments that can repair this hormonal disorder. For this reason, it is recommended to regulate ghrelin levels through good food and some changes in lifestyle.

In this sense, a healthy diet that maintains the ghrelin at optimal levels, thus reducing the chances of gaining weight , would consist of fiber-rich whole foods and removing sugars and highly processed foods. It also recommends a higher intake of water, fed through several but small meals a day, exercise daily.

Another point to take care is sleep, as it is estimated that there is a relationship between sleep deprivation and obesity, which is also active ghrelin. The importance of sleep is essential , so it is recommended to sleep between 6 and 8 hours a day.

Given this information, you can help your ghrelin remain at optimal levels and not generate an excessive increase appetite, so you'd be getting an outstanding victory in the last war against obesity.