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The gestational diabetes is one type of diabetes that normally affects pregnant women. Usually, it refers to a temporary condition where the hormone called insulin was not used properly by the body or the pancreas are not producing enough.

Almost 3 to 4% of pregnant women are affected by gestational diabetes and begins around the second quarter, the fifth or sixth month after giving birth. It can be diagnosed in any of the two periods and there's no treatment druing that stages.

Generally, gestational diabetes may show symptoms but sometimes not. But some women may feel very thirsty, hungry, eager to urinate and worst is having recurring vaginal infections and itching abdomen.

There are some complications that can affect the mother and baby for gestational diabetes problems such as blood pressure problems, premature birth, much amniotic fluid, and many more. This can cause more health problems to the mother and the baby and unfortunately can not be treated immediately.

In the worst case, if the level of insulin is not maintained as it should be and no doctor's consultation, the baby could be born with diabetes. So if this is your case, do not forget what your doctor recommended.