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Currently, one in three American children is obese or overweight. While these are data from a particular country, it is a fact that obesity in children is increasingly common in any part of the globe.

This is like so many other situations that could be avoided with a little information because only few people knows that obesity can be prevented. In fact, it is much easier to prevent than to treat.

The risk of becoming obese in children begins even before birth setting some parameters to be repeated during childhood and are likely to lead to overweight.

Nearly half of American women who are experiencing pregnancy are overweight or obese it increases the chances of the baby being born too small or too large which influences the development of child obesity.

Moreover, the amount of weight the mother gains during pregnancy influences the weight that the child will get later.

According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania, the chances of being overweight at age 7 were 48% higher in those children of mothers who had gained more kilos than recommended during pregnancy.

The weight of the mother before and during pregnancy has a direct influence on the weight that the child be getting on his lifetime.

A good tip is to seize the early years of the baby and be aware of how much weight the baby gains every year. Also,see if it matches the weight of your child with the recommended rates. This is a way to prevent the child to be an obese adult.

During the first year of life and during pregnancy, children and mothers go to the doctor in regular basis so this is an excellent opportunity to study on how to control the weight of your child.