Symptoms of Stress and How to Avoid Them

Lifestyle - Symptoms of stress and how to avoid them

Even if you are obscenely rich or you live in to a tropical heaven, the chances that you’ve never faced stress are minimal. Many specialists connects stress with conditions like tension, dry throat, sweaty hands, muscle tension…but stress has other symptoms that are not known so much and those symptoms are bad influence for our lifestyle.

1. Loss of memories

If you forget things and you cannot concentrate or you can`t take decisions, than probably you are stressed. Or maybe you lack confidence. Even if you are not stressed and you need some lack of confidence, it won`t be bad take 10 minutes of your and drink one cup of tea.

2. Yawning

If you yawn too much and you don`t feel sleepy, than the main reason for that is the lack of oxygen to the body or fast breathing, this is cause by stress. In this case people yawn so they can overtake the lack of oxygen. If you suspect something similar, than you need to take a rest and take deep breaths.

3. Blood, sweat and …food

Unfortunately the excessive stress stimulates the secretion of hormones called catecholamine’s, which take great part of the blood coagulation, this tells us that chronic stress can cause heart problems and heart strokes. This is why you should learn how to deal with stress.

4. Sweating

Other hormonal misbalance is sweating, especially under the armpits. Here, the sweat is different from the other parts of the body and has strong smell, the solution is to use antiperspirants and learn how to deal with stress.

5. Dry mouth

Dry mouth can be caused from lowering of the saliva in the mouth. This can cause smelly breath, halitosis and teeth problems. Drink water regularly and take care of you teeth. Wash and clean them with a thread after every meal.

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