Summer vacation – Traveler’s diarrhea

Going on a summer vacation with your children can be unpleasant experience, if you are not prepared for it. Going on a trip in a completely new place for your child can be wonderful experience, but it can also be a frightening one. So be sure to prepare your child for what will follow in the next days. Children ,especially if not disciplined well, tend to do things they should not do, they are always eager to explore the surrounding, so when on vacation you should be more alerted than home, because your home is much safer than elsewhere.


When going on a summer vacation, you should be sure that the food and the liquids consumed by your child and the whole family are safe from bacteria or virus. So be sure to wash and clean them good and prepare then in proper way. If eating in restaurants or hotels always choose food for your children that you suspect with least chance of bacterial presence.  Traveler’s diarrhea is one of the greatest factors for ruining your vacation. It happens because the children metabolism has not yet been exposed to the bacteria or virus that might be in the water or foods. The bacteria does not necessary need to be dangerous, locals consume it every day so their organism is accustomed to it.

Best way to avoid Traveler’s diarrhea is to eat more fruits, especially fruits that need be peeled, drink only bottled water, buy drinks that you are sure are made with purified water, do not swallow water while you are having a shower, brush teeth with bottled water, avoid dairy products on your vacation, avoid street food are any other food, whose quality you suspect. As long as you avoid possible sources of bacteria, you can prevent Traveler’s diarrhea, for you and your children.

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