Styles Of Finishings For Your Home

Many people don’t realize they can pick out their own style of finishings or textures for the surfaces in their home.  Usually, they’re just presented with a couple of options of granite or wood when they’re picking out the countertops, cabinets, and floors.  However, beyond these options, there are hundreds of different types of finishings you can do to your home to truly make it customized to your own style and preferences.  I think a home will be individualized the second you make the decision to stray from your interior designer’s advice.  Yes, they have a vision in mind for you, but it’s your home and I believe you should be able to style it as you like.

I am a really big fan of picking out different styles of finishings for floors.  When you walk into someone’s home, you don’t really notice their floor unless it’s something really different.  Typically you’ll find either dark hardwood floors, light hardwood floors, or carpet (if you still live in the 70s).  And you can’t really distinguish one person’s hardwood floor home from another unless if it’s a different colour.  That’s why I’m really enjoying this new style of flooring called epoxy flooring.  You can get a variety of different epoxy floor coating, and what it does is transform your floors into long lasting, easy to clean floors.  It’s basically a coating on your floor, and you can get whatever design you want on it.  It’s extremely hard and easy to maintain, making it a perfect finishing for your floors.

The paint price for epoxy floor isn’t too bad either.  For the amount you pay, you get a long lasting floor that you don’t need to worry about getting scratched or spilled on.  It is also capable of creating really cool illusions or even colours on your floor.  Trust me when I say that when people walk into your home, they will definitely remember how amazing your floor is.

Being able to come up with your own vision for your home can be hard.  You’re not sure what it will turn out like.  A great tip is to go check out different finishings on surfaces in a design house.  Or even just ask your interior designer about the different options on finishings and textures.  They’ll definitely know what you’re talking about and you can even wow them with your skills!

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