Safety First, at Every Age

Keeping your bundle of joy safe is the most essential thing for a parent. It is important to be always vigilant for the safety of your child. We will provide you some tips on how to put an extra care for your baby.
  • Put your baby in a car seat and buckle the belt before you start the car. Keep the seat rear facing until the baby is a year old and weighs at least 20 pounds. The back seat is the safest place for babies and children.
  • Stay with your baby when you are playing in the water or close to it. Never leave your baby alone in the tub or pool. Babies can drown in just a few inches of water.
  • Keep your baby away from things that can burn. Do not eat, drink, smoke or carry anything hot while carrying the baby.
  • Prepare healthy foods. Avoid too much sweetened, salty or fatty food.
  • Lock up guns, alcohol, drugs and chemicals such as cleaning products. They can do much harm to the baby.
  • Be aware of choking hazards like small candies, coins, popcorn, grapes and nuts.
  • Put away knives, matches and other items that can hurt the baby. Put them in a place your exploring baby can not reach.
  • Never shake your baby.

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