Preventing Stroke for A Better Living


These days, people are prone to feel stressful due to their daily problems on works, financial matters, and family problems. Stress leads to various diseases and one of them is stroke. This is the number one killer of thousands of people throughout the world. Some people may be misleading about heart attack and stroke. Signs of stroke include influent speech, numbness, or it can be worse like blurred sight.

Everyone has a great chance to suffer from stroke as it is caused by external factors instead of being inherited. The first factor is high level of cholesterol. The next one is heavy smoking or alcoholic drinking. Other factors include stress and frequent consumption of illegal or non-prescribed medicines. Yet, aging can be another factor which can cause an individual to suffer from stroke. This is when he or she cannot control his or her lifestyle in terms of daily consumption or behavior control.

Don’t be downhearted though you are now in your fortieth. You still can avoid suffering from stroke, as long as you change your daily lifestyle or maintain healthy lifestyle. With very simple and healthy living, it is very easy for everyone to avoid getting stroke risk. Enough exercise, which is balanced with good nutrition food, can be the best ways to get rid of stroke risk. Exercising in three times a week is more than just enough, as long as the exercise is in good quality.

However, there are some people, who are prone to suffer from stroke, due to their daily consumptions of medicines for years. It is best to discuss with doctors or other medical experts about the medicines that they have consumed so far. They should make sure that there are much safer options in avoiding stroke.

The last important thing is to be very relax in facing everything that happens in our lives. We have problems and so do other people. If you have high confidence, then you will have strong courage to face them without worrying about them. Do not torture yourself.

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