Pre and Post Birth Depression

Mother and child, Pre and post birth depression

Young mothers have many concerns, money, food for the baby, babysitting and other things, but the real problem is the feeling that everything must be perfect. Many researches and inquiries have been made about mothers and the results are very interesting. 12% of the mothers worry about money, 22% thinks that they are not ready to be mothers and 21% say they lack confidence and need some emotional and practical support.

43% of the depressed mothers don`t want to go out from their homes, 22% have suicidal thoughts and 30% suffer from these symptoms more than 18 months. An inquiry made in Great Britain from more corporations say that mothers don`t want to share their problems with no one.

Sally Russell, finder of Netmums Corporation says:

Depression during pregnancy or after can be horrible for the mother, but this affects the whole family not only mothers. The illness steals the emotions and the happiness in the family in time when everybody needs to be happy.

Jane Brewin, Director of a charity child organization called Tommy`s say.

Pregnancy and maternity are things that change people’s life and beside all new physical changes and new responsibilities, many women are scared that they might do something wrong or they will never be good mothers.

Pregnancy is considered as a period of happiness and this fact makes women to feel great pressure and makes them concerned and depressed. Mental health problems during pregnancy have very bad consequences over the baby and the mother, that is why we need to create healthy environment and health system where women can show they feelings and emotions and get the appropriate support and help for their needs.

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