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Some of the signs of early pregnancy could be vague but if you suspect that you'd be pregnant, then be observant of how your body is changing. You can list a number of the recent changes that comes along with your suspicion. Take note that the sooner you are aware that you are pregnant then the earlier you can have proper prenatal medical care for you and your precious little one.

Along with your body, the baby also starts undergoing a great number of changes. You can also refer many books that give an insight into pregnancy changes. You must be fully aware of all these changes so that you ensure your own security and also a normal baby. Avoid getting panicked when you come to know that you're pregnant. Instead take your own time to go through these weekly changes and take action to keep your body healthy.

When you confirm your pregnancy, you can just visit your nearby book shop and purchase a pregnancy calendar which will get you a week to week detail about the bodily changes occurring with regard to your baby and yourself. You can even buy or download one of the following from the net. Right from the outset of the pregnancy these books or calendar will keep you informed about the modifications and methods to tackle them without panicking.

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Women say that they're blessed to get pregnant and give rise to a new life. They consider the moments of pregnancy as memorable throughout their life. Pregnant women count their duration of pregnancy as number of months but the doctor and health care providers find it precise to count in weeks. Normal pregnancy period consists of 280 days or 40 weeks. The delivery of the baby may occur either before this time period or after this with a small delay. In few cases, normal babies are born after forty two or thirty seven weeks. So, no need to worry if the delivery gets delayed beyond 40 weeks. Pre-term babies is the term used for those born before 37 weeks and post-term babies for those born after forty two weeks.

The first trimester is between 1st week to the twelfth week whereas the second trimester is between the 13th week to the 28th week. The first most common symptom is a missed menstrual cycle and morning sickness. Each and every week there are some symptoms such as heartburn, headache, back aches, ankle swelling, loss of taste for some foods items, nausea, vomiting etc. These symptoms diminish slowly, week by week. The pregnancy week by week guide will provide a vivid light of the changes outside these signs and symptoms. Hence, take care of your health during pregnancy and ensure yourself a safe delivery and healthy baby.

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Check your basal body temperature because a continuous elevated temperature that will last for two to three weeks could indicate that you are pregnant. Some women will chart or track their basal body temperature so that they are able to predict when is their most fertile period of each month.

Women who're tracking their body temperature are most probably trying to get pregnant. This method is useful for couples trying to conceive and it may also indicate pregnancy if a woman's body has a continuous elevated temperature lasting for a few weeks.

Increased level of basal body temperature for some has been first early symptoms of pregnancy. Chart your body temperature as well as other signs that may come with the temperature rise. People who've waited till their body temperature to be raised until 20 degree higher before testing along with presence of other few symptoms have shown a positive pregnancy test result.

Pay attention to the abdominal cramping that you are experiencing. It can be painful to some women who're pregnant. Generally, within six to ten days of conception, the embryo attaches itself inside the uterine walls.

Implantation bleeding may occur within a day or two once the fertilized egg is implanted on the uterine wall. Pregnancy starts after implantation which normally occurs within six to twelve days after ovulation. Your hormones start to change and could give you such symptoms once your fertilized egg has been implanted in the uterine wall.

When implantation occurs, it's common that a woman will experience abdominal cramping and light spotting. The implantation spotting is usually light to medium pink or brown in color, spotty but you cannot experience heavy bleeding. Implantation bleeding is a sign of pregnancy and you do not have to fear as this is normal.

You could experience abdominal cramping and implantation bleeding before you will expect your menstrual period during the first few weeks of pregnancy. Take note that not all women will experience implantation bleeding or abdominal cramping during pregnancy.

Monitor your monthly period if you are sexually active because a missed period is an indication that you'd be pregnant. If you have missed your monthly period and it commonly comes to the expected dates that you anticipate then you'd be pregnant unless there are a number of other things in your life that has changed it like too much stress or simply due to age.

There are other reasons for a missing period like when a woman will stop using contraceptives or birth control pills, if she has extreme weight gain or anorexia, or if she is very sick. Usually, missing your menstrual period, too, is a sign that a woman might be pregnant. Keep tracking your menstrual cycle when you and your partner want to conceive. You'll know when to expect your menstrual period by doing the tracking method.

Recognize that hormone levels will fluctuate at the beginning and all throughout your pregnancy. Some women could even experience digestive problems like constipation or diarrhoea due to the increased hormone levels.

Pregnancy is a Herculean task that your body will begin to tackle in preparation for a growing fetus. Some women will even find themselves very emotional during pregnancy such as crying or laughing because of the surging hormones in their bodies.

Observe if you constantly have a lower backache right before your period begins because it could also be a sign of pregnancy especially if you are not expecting your menstrual period. Some women who were not aware that they are pregnant will get puzzled why they feel so tired and have a lower backache when they have not done a heavy work or job.

You do not need to get worried if you are having this type of backache because this is only an early sign pregnancy. Generally, high energy levels from your body will help build to support the establishment and growth of your baby and this job can take away most of your stamina and strength that is why it is important that you can find the earlier time of pregnancy so that you will be able to take the right pre-natal vitamins and eat nourishing foods that your body needs.

Don't be surprised if you suddenly fall asleep in the midst of the day because your body only wants to rest for awhile in order that it can manage in working hard to support your growing baby. The first trimester could be challenging to most pregnant women and by the second trimester, they'll be in a position to restore their lost energy.

Take note that, given the increasing hormones in your body, you could also experience minor to sever headaches. Headaches may keep on coming in particular during the early stages of pregnancy and it is normal.

If you think that you'd be pregnant, avoid taking aspirin or strong pain reliever medication to alleviate your pain. It's best to see your doctor and have a blood test done to check if you are truly pregnant so that an appropriate medicine will be prescribed for your pregnancy headache.

Purchase a home pregnancy test to see whether you are pregnant. A home pregnancy test may have a high level of accuracy if taken within a few days after your missed period. You also need to read the label and instructions of the type of home pregnancy test that you wish to buy.

Most of the home pregnancy tests that are out onto the market have simple instructions. You can just easily remove the cap and position the absorbent tip in your urine stream for a couple of seconds then lay the home pregnancy test flat while developing.

Women who suspect that they are pregnant can easily read the results in a matter of a few minutes. A home pregnancy test is an inexpensive way to know if you are pregnant and it is also available in all drugstores.

You can also visit community centers that will be a free test. It's really important that you will know the soonest possible time if you are pregnant so that you can take care of your health including your baby. Home pregnancy tests are usually reliable, with 99 percent accuracy if you follow the simple instructions.

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