Natural Juices

Fruit and vegetable juices are very easy to be made, you can make it with or without juicer, and these kinds of juices are quite cheaper from those with vitamins and mineral supplements.  They should be consumed right after the fruits are squeezed because after a while they will start oxidizing and their vitamins and minerals starts to vanish. Never use sugar or honey.


Pineapple – Juice from pineapple is good for better function of the kidneys and liver and contains a substance that burns fat.

Peach – Juice from peach is good for the heart and cures arrhythmia. Also helps against Anemia and gastritis.

Black Currant – Juice from black currant is wonderful for people who lack vitamins, suffer from anemia, gastritis, bronchopneumonia and different flus. It is a great fighter against flus and it strengthens the immune system. Also it is full with vitamin C.

Red Currant – Juice is recommended for people suffering from cardiovascular system, skin diseases, rheumatic diseases and colds.

Beet – Juice from beet is great for stamina and against anemia and diseases of the digestive system. It cleans the body and lowers the blood pressure. In the beginning it is better to consume in smaller quantities (1 soup spoon), or to be mixed with carrot juice.  I


Grape – Juice from grapes helps in a stress situation, it cleans the kidneys and the liver and lowers the level of cholesterol.

Apple – Apple juice is good for fat people and people suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the liver and kidneys, arthrosclerosis etc. It is good for people who have high mental activity..

Tomato – Tomato juice is one of the healthiest, it is good for diets and it strengthens the immune system. It is full with minerals and natural antioxidants and vitamins.

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