Nail Care



Clean, glistening and beautiful nails- who doesn’t want them? However, many of us do not have these due to many factors which deteriorate its structure externally such as the sun, pollution, too much application of chemicals, etc.

The worn out cuticles of our nails leave them appearing ugly and dirty, and so do our hands.

Nails- we bite them off, scratch with it, rub it over various surfaces roughly, but ever thought caring about them?

Want to know how to do it? Read out the following content of the post and get to learn about few useful handy tips that can keep up the health of your nails.


Hydrating the nails:

Dry brittle nails do not look good and may even be painful, as it may develop cracks. Hence, apply some moisturizer on them. However, too much of nail hydration (as may happen when inside sweaty shoes or gloves for long) may provide surface for bacterial invasion.

Protect from harshness:

Our hands are subjected to harshness daily, they are exposed to many chemicals in soaps and cleaning products of other kinds, acids in foods such as lemon, oranges, etc. To overcome the damage provided by foods, wear gloves when cutting or slicing those that are acidic. You may also put on gloves when working with cleaning products such as those used to clean the mirrors and furniture.

Creams for cuticle:

Certain nail care products may help greatly with the nail health. Go for some cuticle creams that contain natural oils, the ones which help revitalize it.

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