Migraines – Reality Check

Those who suffer from migraine attacks understand all too well. The throbbing headaches that take place after ate something you understand you shouldn't have. What commonly follows is a discomfort to the side of the head, illness, sensitivity to light, visual disturbances or aura. If you're fortunate) up to 72 hours (if you're not) or even longer, attacks that can last for 4 hours (. If you prevent the most common migraine triggers, the excellent news is that migraine attacks can be largely reduced or avoided.

Migraine is a long-term condition with repeated attacks. Most, but not all migraine attacks are related to headaches. Migraine headaches usually are recognized as a severe, pulsing or pounding discomfort that involves one temple. Often, the discomfort has been built-up in the forehead, around the eye, or at the back of the head. The unilateral headaches typically change sides from one attack to the next. In truth, unilateral headaches that always take place on the same side ought to signal the physician to consider a secondary headache, for instance, one caused by a brain tumor. As an outcome of this level of sensitivity to light and sound, migraine sufferers generally choose to depend on a peaceful, dark space during an attack. A typical attack lasts in between 4 and 72 hours.

From coffee and liquor to processed foods and citrus fruits, studies reveal that certain foods are understood to be migraine triggers.

A Few Other Things

Fruits are always associated with healthy living, however to the migraine victim they can be possible migraine trigger, this is because of their high levels of tyramine.

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Caffeine as a migraine trigger can be somewhat confusing, since for some individuals it can help to minimize a migraine, however for others, it will have the opposite effect, thus causing a migraine.

Thought Provoking Discussion on Migraines

Red wine, beer, scotch, champagne is the most commonly recognized alcoholic migraine triggers, this is mainly due to the huge concentrations of tyramine during the fermentation process.

Matured cheeses can trigger migraines, this is due to the high amounts of the natural compound referred to as tyramine. Aged cheeses such as blue, Stilton, cheddar, mozzarella, Camembert and Parmesan are normally the perpetrators.

MSG is an usual additive which is found in numerous these days's foods, although not a reason for migraines, it can be a migraine trigger. Found in many pre-packed foods and maybe most frequently Chinese food.

Chocolate has for several years been the alleged trigger of migraines, although for many victims this is probably true, however for others it's completely ok. Something to note, chocolate does include caffeine and this is most likely why it does not influence everybody the same way.

Despite what you consume and drink can be a contributing factor that sets off a migraine attack, it is worth noting that not everybody will have the exact same reaction to every foods, what might be a trigger for one person might not necessarily be a trigger for another, although in saying that there are some usual foods which will most likely influence almost every sufferer in one method or another.

Aspartame is a sweetening agent which is discovered in a number of food products including soft drinks. It is also believed to have a result of serotonin levels in the body, although this is not believed to be a direct cause of a migraine, however definitely doesn't help.

Tyramine is a natural compound discovered in a numerous foods such as matured and fermented foods, including cheese, meats, bread, citrus fruit and some alcohols. It can even be discovered in leftover food that have been in the fridge for more than 24 hours.

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