Lemon Juice and its Miracles


Believe me drinking lemon juice either cold or warm daily, can give you several benefits in just one glass. Squeeze it, mix some sugar, maybe some pepper too, and enjoy this small package of health boosting food.
Since the time you have been in school, you are taught about the miracles of this citrus fruit. A nutritionist can tell you tales about drinking this beneficial natural drink every day.
But what is there so special in it?
Let s just find out.

Immunity booster:

Your immune system gets affected daily by many harmful agents. Some of them are stress, anti-oxidants, etc. But this healthy juice can help you keep this aspect of your body fine and can even enhance its functions.
Its vitamin C content makes a splendid anti-inflammatory ingredient whereas the saponin content of lemon juice plays the role of fighting bacteria very well.
Ascorbic acid (Vit C) of lemons is really good when it comes to combating with respiratory issues.
This vitamin is also an essential part of wound healing mechanism.

Blood pressure control:

Another ingredient of this health drink is potassium that deals with blood pressure control process.

An energy drink maybe?

Lemon juice is highly known for its mood enhancing and refreshing properties. It is often used as energy booster drink after heavy workouts and exercises for it replenishes the lost fluid.

Maintenance of pH:

Though acidic, but lemons are really good for controlling body’s pH.

Eliminates waste materials faster:

Having lemon juice daily can also help your body get rid of toxins and waste materials faster as it increases the rate of urination.

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