Health benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt is compounded of two main bacteria: Lactobacillus bulgaricus i Streptococcus thermophilus. One of the biggest advantages is that yogurt helps against cancer and other malignant tumors. Researchers in the American cancer institute predicate that people who drink yogurt live longer and healthier. Bacteria’s that can be found in yogurt have very positive effect in the stomach and entrails.


Everyday consumption of yogurt can reduce the chance of getting colds and infections of the lungs. With its active bacterial cultures yogurt can stop the inflammation of the uterus, particularly the inflammation caused by fungal infections. Thanks calcium, yogurt helps in prevention of osteoporosis, but what is really important about the yogurt is that it contains live bacterial cultures and cannot harm people allergic to lactose. Yogurt improves the immune system and protects the human organism against flus, colds and other diseases that can cause breathing problems.  Adding yogurt in to your everyday breakfast will help you lose some extra kilograms and will decrease the size of your abdomen.

Hundreds of researches show that foods containing less calcium help the human body to gain weight, because fat cells in human body become bigger and fatter. People who consume low fat yogurt three times a day lose 25% more weight than people who don`t intake enough calcium.

Yogurts enriched with probiotic cultures are healthy, but allowed quantity of this yogurt is 250 ml, unless you want to have some serious stomach problems. You can drink one glass of this type of yogurt and two glasses of ordinary yogurt without any supplement.

One of last researches on yogurt state that active ingredients are effective killers of the bacteria in the mouth that cause unpleasant smell.  After only two weeks of drinking yogurt in the layers of the mouth bacteria`s are significantly reduced and not only bacteria`s but hydrogen sulfate one of the biggest cause for bad breath is almost gone.  This is a reduction of about 80% and that is achieved with only 200 to 300 dl of yogurt per day.

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