Health Benefits of Almonds


Almonds are used in many different dishes and in different desserts. It has a very unique taste and a unique texture. Almonds are favorite nuts for many people including me and it is said that eating almonds early in the morning before breakfast improve your mental health and memory. Other than this, there are many health benefits of eating this amazing nut. It offers:

Carbohydrates 26% which include 12% dietary fiber, 0.7% starch and 6.3% sugars

Health Benefits of Almonds:

Following are some of the good things about almonds:

Almonds have the power to minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases especially myocardial infarction.

If almonds are included in diet, they have a very positive effect on the cholesterol levels of the blood and cut of bad cholesterol.

Almonds aid in protecting the blood vessel wall from any damage from free radicals. The flavinoids along with vitamin E minimize heart diseases.

Almonds help keep your bones and teeth strong since it is a great source of calcium.

Almonds are rich in phosphorus which is essential for bones.

Almonds have very healthy ingredients which give your good fats and help in losing weight.

If you eat nuts two times every week you are 31%  less likely to gain weight as compare to those who eat it very seldom.

Almonds stop the blood sugar to rise after meals.

Almonds are good for your brain function.

Almonds minimize risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

These crunchy nuts are great for nervous health and they improve intelligence of human brain. This is one reason parents want their children to eat more and more almonds.

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