Foods That Can Whiten Teeth Naturally

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Nature has cure and solutions for all of our ailments and problems, we just need to look for them carefully and exploit them in the best of manner.

There are many natural elements that can help us attain a sparkling white set of teeth. Our teeth turn stained and fade due to certain factors such as poor oral hygiene, foods, medications, aging, heredity issues, etc.

But whatever the cause shall be, no body would ever like to possess stained and yellow teeth.

Though most recommended, highly effective and long lasting in office teeth whitening procedures are too expensive to fit into anyone's pocket. Moreover, one may not necessarily be always suitable to go for in office procedures, especially if they have sensitive teeth.

Hence, here comes the use of natural elements for teeth whitening. Such natural items may even be, at the moment, present at your kitchen shelves or in your fridge.

Lets see what foods can come in handy, that can help you attain lovely white teeth.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

It is one of the oldest and an effective home remedy to get rid of ugly tooth stains. Rubbing some of this vinegar onto the stains would aid in scraping them off. But be careful regarding the use of this remedy, that you follow it just once a week, for too much vinegar can damage the tooth enamel.


Mix in with your tooth paste, or apply it as it is, salt being abrasive in nature, also scrapes off superficial tooth stains. But make its use just once a week.

Orange Peels:

Rubbing orange peels onto your teeth surfaces would also do the work.

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