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This article discusses the purpose of a dental evacuation system, the importance of cleaning and disinfecting the system, and types of dental evacuation system cleaner.

What is a Dental Evacuation System?

An evacuation system uses a suction to remove water, saliva, blood, and debris from a patient’s mouth while they are undergoing dental treatment. Dentists and dental hygienists use the evacuation system to keep mouth dry and clear so they can see the treatment area clearly and work without obtrusion. Removing fluids from the mouth also makes treatment more comfortable and less claustrophobic for the patient.

The system consists of several components:

  • The operating unit, which houses the traps and power supply;
  • The wand-like saliva ejector that sucks up fluids;
  • The evacuation suction line that carries fluid out of the mouth; and
  • The traps or solid collectors that filter out non-fluids.

A properly-functioning evacuation system should efficiently remove saliva and other fluids while posing no risk of ‘backflow’ into the mouth. This requires a precise section level, usually between 11 and 12 bars. Too much suction will cause the ejector to stick to the patient’s mouth or check, impeding treatment; too little suction increases the risk of backflow.

Evacuation System Maintenance

Keeping the system clean and efficient is an essential task in a dental facility. Responsible practices clean and inspect the evacuation system regularly as part of their normal cleaning routines. The process involves:

  • Cleaning the suction lines;
  • Emptying the solids collectors or traps; and
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the suction lines.

Evacuation suction lines must be cleaned and disinfected each day. To maintain a sanitary and efficient system, practitioners must use a proper dental evacuation system cleaner that is compatible with the equipment in question. Not all cleaners are compatible with every brand of evacuation system.

Dental Evacuation System Cleaners

Many cleaners, like BioPure, contain enzymes that eat through bacteria in the tubing instead of flushing them with chemicals. These microbiology-based products are recognized as being safer and better for the environment than chemical products.

In addition to regular cleaning with microbiology-based cleaners, some practitioners employ harsher “shock treatment” products that remove debris left behind in daily cleaning.

Dental practitioners are advised against using cleaners that are chlorine-based, or are oxidizers. Chlorine causes metal components in an evacuation system to corrode, while oxidisers can cause mercury to be released from amalgam particles and contaminate the water.

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Nature has cure and solutions for all of our ailments and problems, we just need to look for them carefully and exploit them in the best of manner.

There are many natural elements that can help us attain a sparkling white set of teeth. Our teeth turn stained and fade due to certain factors such as poor oral hygiene, foods, medications, aging, heredity issues, etc.

But whatever the cause shall be, no body would ever like to possess stained and yellow teeth.

Though most recommended, highly effective and long lasting in office teeth whitening procedures are too expensive to fit into anyone's pocket. Moreover, one may not necessarily be always suitable to go for in office procedures, especially if they have sensitive teeth.

Hence, here comes the use of natural elements for teeth whitening. Such natural items may even be, at the moment, present at your kitchen shelves or in your fridge.

Lets see what foods can come in handy, that can help you attain lovely white teeth.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

It is one of the oldest and an effective home remedy to get rid of ugly tooth stains. Rubbing some of this vinegar onto the stains would aid in scraping them off. But be careful regarding the use of this remedy, that you follow it just once a week, for too much vinegar can damage the tooth enamel.


Mix in with your tooth paste, or apply it as it is, salt being abrasive in nature, also scrapes off superficial tooth stains. But make its use just once a week.

Orange Peels:

Rubbing orange peels onto your teeth surfaces would also do the work.


Believe me drinking lemon juice either cold or warm daily, can give you several benefits in just one glass. Squeeze it, mix some sugar, maybe some pepper too, and enjoy this small package of health boosting food.
Since the time you have been in school, you are taught about the miracles of this citrus fruit. A nutritionist can tell you tales about drinking this beneficial natural drink every day.
But what is there so special in it?
Let s just find out.

Immunity booster:

Your immune system gets affected daily by many harmful agents. Some of them are stress, anti-oxidants, etc. But this healthy juice can help you keep this aspect of your body fine and can even enhance its functions.
Its vitamin C content makes a splendid anti-inflammatory ingredient whereas the saponin content of lemon juice plays the role of fighting bacteria very well.
Ascorbic acid (Vit C) of lemons is really good when it comes to combating with respiratory issues.
This vitamin is also an essential part of wound healing mechanism.

Blood pressure control:

Another ingredient of this health drink is potassium that deals with blood pressure control process.

An energy drink maybe?

Lemon juice is highly known for its mood enhancing and refreshing properties. It is often used as energy booster drink after heavy workouts and exercises for it replenishes the lost fluid.

Maintenance of pH:

Though acidic, but lemons are really good for controlling body’s pH.

Eliminates waste materials faster:

Having lemon juice daily can also help your body get rid of toxins and waste materials faster as it increases the rate of urination.


This is common for people to suffer from headaches. Though they find it bothering, they just take them for granted by taking pills to eliminate the pain. At first, it will work though too much painkiller medicines taking can lead to various serious diseases. Basically, headaches are caused by several ‘simple’ reasons like stress, sitting too long in front of laptop or PC and being dehydrated. Even those who usually apply healthy lifestyle cannot avoid it sometimes.

There are natural ways to get rid of headaches so that one can avoid taking painkillers too much. Taking stress for granted is the most effective ways in avoiding headaches at the first place. This may be silly though everyone can just apply a good sense of humor on their daily activities. Sometimes, it is hard for not being too serious though we still have to do all tasks properly. In this case, it is recommended for avoiding stress by taking everything in simple manner. Try mingling with others on lunch break and have great, light discussions without talking about how terrible the riots in Egypt or any kind of bad news. Talk about the latest technology or other interesting topics which can avoid stress at the first place.

Adequate rest or sleep is also very vital. It will not only help one into boosting a natural health but it can avoid headaches and stresses significantly. You will suffer from headaches when you lack of sleep. This is because your stress and overtiredness remain at your body if you do not put your body into good rest. This is what everyone may neglect as they turn to their cups of coffees to eliminate their headaches.

Combining good rest and adequate exercise is the best thing to do to avoid any kind of headache. Our body will be in the best condition when we eat properly in terms of time and nutrition intake. So, say goodbye to headaches and enjoy your healthy, headache-free life!


Popular in Asian kitchens, Adzuki beans are cooked and liked by millions of people. They may be served in the form of dessert or may be served with rice. There are other unique ways of consuming it as well.

Do you know that 100 grams of delicious Adzuki Beans have lots of nutrients in them? For example:

Calories 128

Protein 7.52 grams

Fiber 7.3 grams

Minerals in Adzuki beans:

Following is a list of minerals that are found in Adzuki beans while some are present in very low amount:

Potassium - 532 mg

Phosphorus - 168 mg

Calcium - 28 mg

Magnesium - 52 mg

Iron - 2 mg

Sodium - 8 mg

Selenium - 1.2 mcg

Zinc - 1.77 mg

Manganese - 0.573 mg

Copper - 0.298 mg

Vitamins in Adzuki Beans:

Following is a list of vitamins that are found in Adzuki Beans while some are present in very low amount:

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - 0.115 mg

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) - 0.064 mg

Niacin - 0.717 mg

Folate - 121 mcg

Pantothenic Acid - 0.430 mg

Vitamin B6 - 0.096 mg

Vitamin A - 6 IU

Health benefits of adzuki beans:

These are great for your health in the following ways:

Because they have a lot of fiber content in them, they prove to be great for your heart. Not only this, these also lessen your risk for life threatening heart diseases. Adzuki beans also contain other essentials that are needed for a healthy heart.

These are good for your GIT.

These beans also prevent you from diabetes.

These are good for those who wish to lose weight.

These also work as a detox  for the liver.

After you know these tremendous nutritive value of adzuki beans you should definitely add it to your diet.


These days, people are prone to feel stressful due to their daily problems on works, financial matters, and family problems. Stress leads to various diseases and one of them is stroke. This is the number one killer of thousands of people throughout the world. Some people may be misleading about heart attack and stroke. Signs of stroke include influent speech, numbness, or it can be worse like blurred sight.

Everyone has a great chance to suffer from stroke as it is caused by external factors instead of being inherited. The first factor is high level of cholesterol. The next one is heavy smoking or alcoholic drinking. Other factors include stress and frequent consumption of illegal or non-prescribed medicines. Yet, aging can be another factor which can cause an individual to suffer from stroke. This is when he or she cannot control his or her lifestyle in terms of daily consumption or behavior control.

Don’t be downhearted though you are now in your fortieth. You still can avoid suffering from stroke, as long as you change your daily lifestyle or maintain healthy lifestyle. With very simple and healthy living, it is very easy for everyone to avoid getting stroke risk. Enough exercise, which is balanced with good nutrition food, can be the best ways to get rid of stroke risk. Exercising in three times a week is more than just enough, as long as the exercise is in good quality.

However, there are some people, who are prone to suffer from stroke, due to their daily consumptions of medicines for years. It is best to discuss with doctors or other medical experts about the medicines that they have consumed so far. They should make sure that there are much safer options in avoiding stroke.

The last important thing is to be very relax in facing everything that happens in our lives. We have problems and so do other people. If you have high confidence, then you will have strong courage to face them without worrying about them. Do not torture yourself.



Clean, glistening and beautiful nails- who doesn’t want them? However, many of us do not have these due to many factors which deteriorate its structure externally such as the sun, pollution, too much application of chemicals, etc.

The worn out cuticles of our nails leave them appearing ugly and dirty, and so do our hands.

Nails- we bite them off, scratch with it, rub it over various surfaces roughly, but ever thought caring about them?

Want to know how to do it? Read out the following content of the post and get to learn about few useful handy tips that can keep up the health of your nails.


Hydrating the nails:

Dry brittle nails do not look good and may even be painful, as it may develop cracks. Hence, apply some moisturizer on them. However, too much of nail hydration (as may happen when inside sweaty shoes or gloves for long) may provide surface for bacterial invasion.

Protect from harshness:

Our hands are subjected to harshness daily, they are exposed to many chemicals in soaps and cleaning products of other kinds, acids in foods such as lemon, oranges, etc. To overcome the damage provided by foods, wear gloves when cutting or slicing those that are acidic. You may also put on gloves when working with cleaning products such as those used to clean the mirrors and furniture.

Creams for cuticle:

Certain nail care products may help greatly with the nail health. Go for some cuticle creams that contain natural oils, the ones which help revitalize it.


Kidneys play a vital role in our survival. Apart from the job of filtering the blood by eliminating the waste products and excess water from the body in the form of urine, the kidney also has some other important functions. These functions include converting inactive form of vitamin D to active form so that it aids in the absorption of calcium in the bones and producing a precise amount of erythropoietin which is a precursor for blood cell synthesis.

In chronic kidney disease a.k.a chronic renal disease, the functions of the kidney starts deteriorating progressively. When acute kidney disease remains for over 3 months, it is then regarded as chronic kidney disease. Patients with CKD are hypertensive and represent with elevated potassium in blood, decreased erythropoietin thus anemic, edema, elevated blood pH, decreased calcium in response to active vitamin D deficiency.

Tips for People with Chronic Kidney Disease:

Following are some tips for patients suffering from CKD of how to maintain the intake of sodium because sodium has a very bad impact on the blood pressure since it is not being secreted out of the body through filtration:

  1. Foods those are low in sodium:
  • Rice
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Noodles
  • Cereal cooked without any salt
  • Meat
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Salt-less nuts
  • Low sodium peanut butter
  • Salt-less salad dressings
  • Salt-free popcorn
  1. Try to avoid foods that are canned such as fish, bean, vegetables, tomato products etc.
  2. Cook yourself instead of getting prepared food.
  3. If you buy canned stuff, make sure you wash away the extra salt from it
  4. Try to buy fresh veggies and fruits.


Hypoglycemia is defined as abnormally low blood glucose level which can occur as a complication of treatment of diabetes mellitus due to excessive insulin production, medications and poisons, alcohol, prolonged starvation, hormone deficiencies, organ failure and inborn error of metabolism. Hypoglycemia normally acts as an indicator of health problem resulting from hormone or enzyme deficiencies or tumors.

The symptoms of hypoglycemia are as follows:








difficulty speaking,

and dizziness.

During sleep, hypoglycemia can cause you to have night mares, perspiration and feel tired, irritable or confused after waking up.

The carbohydrates we eat is broken down into the simplest form of sugar; glucose which enters the bloodstream immediately. However excess glucose is stored as glycogen by the action of the hormone insulin. If a person suffering from diabetes takes too much insulin his/her blood sugar level can become very low presenting him with the condition hypoglycemia. Also if the person eats less or does exercise can cause him to develop hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia can also occur in people who do not suffer from diabetes but have swallowed diabetes medication. Other drugs such as Quinine; used for treating malaria, and salicylates; used for treating rheumatic disease, can also cause hypogylcemia. Other causes can be liver diseases, kidney disorders, eating disorders, insulinoma, endocrine problems and reactive hypoglycemia.

To prevent hypoglycemia keep a regular check on blood glucose levels, eat regularly, avoid heavy drinking, eat carbohydrate-rich food before exercising and carry your ID with you wherever you go.

Portrait Of A Man Yelling Into A Megaphone

Facing the public is one the biggest fear of many people I know. It is quite natural because of the fact that not everyone has the skills to communicate with others or it may be due to lack of confidence in them. So why is confidence so important in our social and professional lives? Well, if you don’t know how to deal with people it is most probable that you won’t be able to bring out the best of them. You won’t be able to express yourself. So the following tips may help you gain some confidence in facing the people that are quite eager to hear what you've got to say to them.

If you see yourself in the mirror, you’ll see that you don’t actually look bad when you speak. Practice conversations with yourself in front of the mirror.

Don’t be shy of your mistakes. Everyone initially makes mistakes when they speak. Practice makes man perfect.

Tell your friend to help you make new friends. The more people you interact with, the more confident you’ll feel.

Enjoy your time with your friends. The more hesitant you are to speak, the more confidence you’ll lose.

Social networking sites ruin the capability of a person to talk to their acquaintances face to face. Try to focus more on interacting with the person you wish to talk to. You may feel awkward but that is totally fine because gradually you’ll learn how to do that.

Change your attitude a little. Be more polite in your speech. People attract to you by how you by how nicely you behave with them.

When you go for a presentation or a speech, think as if the people sitting in front of you don’t know anything regarding the topic. This will give you some confidence.