Bad Breath

What is bad breath?

Halitosis or bad breath is a problem that leads to increased social awareness. Bad breath is a medical or scientific term for "spirit". It is a sign or symptom of a bad odor or bad breath in the mouth. Research has shown that about 30% of the population complains of bad breath. Almost everyone has bad breath as soon as they wake up in the morning.This happens when the structure of the mouth and saliva production is very low. The causes of bad breath may be more related to oral hygiene, lung diseases, and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nose or throat.

Bad breath is caused by bacterial decomposition of waste in the food between the teeth, saliva, mucous membranes or blood cells, causing sulfur compounds and volatile matter. Since the production of substances for bad breath originates in the mouth, this is one of the first symptoms of the problems associated with gum disease and oral hygiene, and presence of plaque and tartar.

People often have this problem with bad breath. Some of the most common symptoms are:

  • The presence of white or yellow layer or stains in the mouth
  • Dry mouth, thick saliva, burning tongue
  • Bad taste in the morning

What are the causes of bad breath?

Many times, bad breath is not diagnosed correctly. Today, medical science has shown that bad breath in 90 percent of cases originate in the mouth and not in the digestive tract, sinuses or lungs. There are also indications that the real cause of bad breath is sulfur compounds by anaerobic bacteria, which produces live on the surface of the tongue and throat. This group of bacteria survive and thrive in an oral environment without oxygen. Under certain conditions, these bacteria lessen proteins, which causes a major production of amino acids and aromatic sulfur compounds.

Treatment for bad breath:

  • Brush your teeth three times a day.
  • Make sure you brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth, as well as the mouth cheeks properly.
  • Use an anti-bacterial gargle
  • Avoid too much consumption of alcohol, coffee and cigarettes
  • If these don't solve the problem, see your doctor.

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