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Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that obstructs breathing while you are sleeping. For that reason, it is a problem that can be severe and therefore require medical consultation to prevent cardiac complications.

There are two types of sleep apnea: obstructive sleep apnea, which is the most common and occurs due to the relaxation of the throat muscles, and central sleep apnea, which occurs when the brain does not send signals to the muscles that control breathing. Some people may even suffer both boards.

How do I know if I have this disorder?

The symptoms of sleep apnea include sleepiness, i.e., chronic fatigue and sleepiness during the day, loud snoring interrupted by periods of silence (especially those who suffer from obstructive apnea); waking abruptly from lack of air or cessation of breathing during sleep, waking with a dry mouth or sore throat, headaches and difficulty sleeping.

Sometimes, we are not aware that snoring can be a sign of a disorder potentially serious. But, not all apnea sufferers manifested by snoring. Note that the risk factors are increased if a person is over 60, overweight, hypertension, smoking or consuming alcohol, which makes little exercise and if you have someone in the family who has had sleep apnea. We also clarify that this disorder is more common in men than in women.

Now, if you discovered that your partner snores or your snores are too loud that disturb the quality of your rest, go talk to your trusted physician.





The skin is the largest organ of the body, so we must take care of it and keep it healthy for a pleasant appearance. There are different types of skin, and today we're going to talk about dry skin care.

The dry skin often requires more care, especially when they reach the changing seasons and more specifically the winter, or when you are exposed for too long in the sun without protection.

We care for all skin (not just the face) , and following these simple tips you can see if your skin look dry very easily.

Care for dry skin:

- Do not use the commercial cream. They contain chemicals that do not help most of the time to improve the condition of your skin. It is preferable to moisturize your skin with homemade recipes.

- Do not wash with tap water. This step is difficult to accomplish for the whole body, but at least for the face, use mineral water. This is to avoid the common water constituents that dry your skin.

- Do not spend more than 10 minutes under water. This because that does not help dry skin. Also, avoid being extremist with temperature, and try showering with warm water.

-Do not rub with the towel. You must dry off with mild strokes throughout the body.

- Consume Omega-3. This helps keep skin hydrated.

- Use a humidifier in your room in the winter time, as it will help retain moisture and moisture in the skin.

Follow these tips and keep your skin hydrated.




Although born with an IQ determined, the intelligence may vary stimuli we receive. If you ever wondered how to increase intelligence, today, we give you some tips to do. But, keep in mind that it takes constant training and patience to see results.

What is intelligence?

First we have to define intelligence as there are many qualities that make it up. Generally speaking, intelligence refers to an individual's ability to cope with different situations, understanding, analyzing and developing appropriate information. Studies have shown that you can increase intelligence to train the mind, emerged the concept of brain plasticity, where the brain is showing changes over time and with your workout.

How do we improve intelligence?

Read as many books as you can. Do not limit your areas of reading. The more you read, the better, because you can gain knowledge from different areas.

Analyze what you read. Most importantly, to develop intelligence, is not to repeat, but to be able to interpret, analyze information, and always be open to new ideas that you can acquire.

Use your creativity. Being creative is what helps to increase the intelligence. When you have a difficulty remembering names, or you're forgetful, you can use creative ways to remember, such as attaching the names to something, create a song or a mental game to remember.

Exercise your brain. You can perform activities that allow you to work out, like memorizing the food prices you wear frequently in the supermarket. Try the exact spot where you left things, crosswords or playing chess.

Practice relaxation. Relaxation is beneficial not only to relax, but also to improve your mental functions.

Eat fruits and vegetables. Good nutrition helps you to strengthen your mental abilities.

Be positive and avoid stress. Stress can cloud our capabilities and decrease our performance.

With these ideas to improve intelligence, it can increase your abilities. Try getting new challenges every day, and see how you improve your memory and ability to solve problems of daily life. Intelligence is measured not only in the academic level, but how we face in life, so that the power to manage our emotions and resolve situations demonstrate that we are acting intelligently.




The benefits of cocoa abound, but did you know that chocolate helps to have a healthy weight ? Today, we tell you everything about this new finding.

Does eating chocolate helps you lose weight?

1.) Breakfast with chocolate thins

Although most nutritionists recommended to lose weight avoid eating cacao, several studies have already shown that eating black chocolate helps lower Body Mass Index (BMI).

Why? Because we want to eat more food than allowed, leading to commit bingeing and pulling away everything the previous effort. The idea is to avoid becoming an obsessive sweetness.

Studies indicate that those who incorporate chocolate into your breakfast lose weight faster than those who strive to avoid at all costs. The explanation is based on that in the morning our body is much more active during the day, so the calorie count is faster.
Of course, it is a measured and consumption of any chocolate. Only serve to thin black chocolate.

2.) Chocolate for anti-stress

The main reason that the researchers recommend adding some chocolate to our breakfast is that cocoa is an antidepressant and anti-stress. The explanation is based on the black chocolate has a high dose of magnesium, a mineral essential to relieve stress.

In addition, your energy level allows combat fatigue, tiredness and exhaustion that some people suffer daily.

3.) Incorporate the chocolate diet

Like I said earlier, the benefits of chocolate are when consumption is measured. We give you three tips to incorporate chocolate into your diet:

- Eat no more than 100 grams per day and balances built calories by eating less of other sweets.

- Consume only black chocolate. The white chocolate and milk chocolate do not report these benefits and also have a higher level of calories.

- You can eat it as cereal bars or some fruit filling. Never with caramel or nougat shaped.

If you want to maintain your weight or you're on a diet, instead of making negligent derangements, you can incorporate into your breakfast a little black chocolate.




The Dukan diet has not only become one of the issues regarding star diets and regimens to lose weight is, but also a major health-related searches. And that's probably because this weight loss system offers everything you want: lose weight in a few days and eating everything you want.

Although it must be said that the diet does not end after reached the ideal weight, and you are allowed to eat all the foods allowed inside, which in some stages are very varied, based primarily on the importance of protein intake and the practice of daily exercise, especially walking.

Dukan Diet Phases

Although the Dukan diet is one that promises weight loss in a few days , and many patients confirm this, one of its weaknesses is the large set of rules that make up the 4 stages of this weight loss regimen.

Stage Attack

It can not have a better name, because at this stage you can eat all the food you want, within the allowed, of course, but still often considered one of the most restrictive phase of the major difficulties that arise.

The foods allowed on the Dukan method for this phase will focus on protein-rich lean meats, nonfat dairy products, soft drinks calories, water and oats. And although there is a wide variety of meats that can be consumed during this period, which can last from 1-10 days, the diet at this point is pretty monotonous, so it allows the use of herbs and spices to enhance the flavor of meals.

Cruise Stage

This phase is designed to achieve the desired weight and can lose up to 1 pound of weight per week. To this end, slightly increase the allowable amount of oat bran and added a group of 28 plants from which you can choose.

Consolidation Stage

When you enter this stage, it means you've already reached the weight you wanted, so now you must consolidate it. Thus, the consolidation phase extends for a period proportional to the weight loss, estimated around 10 days for every kilo you've ignited.

Foods you can still eat lean meats and vegetables of the second stage, but enrichment of two slices of bread, some fruit, cheese and starches. It even allows a day off where you can eat whatever you want, and although this is literal and the rules allow, you know very well what foods suit you and which are not.

Stabilization stage

This is the last phase of the Dukan diet, but that does not mean the end. But, on the contrary, the basis of the scheme should be extended for the rest of life. Taking as a basis always allowed foods, you can eat all you want and however you want for much of the week, but on the seventh day you will have to reserve it only for an exclusive supply of protein .

Furthermore, the amount of oat bran and up to 3 tablespoons becomes a daily requirement.




The weight gain may be due to many causes, although the direct factor implies that accumulate calorie consumption is excessive and unhealthy foods. Thus, the increasingly accentuated fighting extra kilos, looks slimming treatments have focused on ghrelin, a hormone responsible for stimulating hunger. Precisely for this is considered that the ghrelin is linked to obesity.

Is weight gain due to ghrelin?

This hormone is released in large quantities from the stomach before each meal regular schedule, sending signals to the brain which tells the body needs food, so the appetite is stimulated increasing cravings. This is a normal thing, balanced by leptin, a hormone but also in this case dedicated to stimulate satiety.

However, it happens that for various reasons the ghrelin levels may increase, increasing in proportion also hunger, so the body ends up eating more food than you really need. This then leads to an accumulation of waste and fats among other problems helps develop obesity.

How to control ghrelin

While there have been conducting experiments on a vaccine that would inhibit the production of ghrelin, preventing this reached the brain and give the order to start eating. The fact is that there are no proven drug treatments that can repair this hormonal disorder. For this reason, it is recommended to regulate ghrelin levels through good food and some changes in lifestyle.

In this sense, a healthy diet that maintains the ghrelin at optimal levels, thus reducing the chances of gaining weight , would consist of fiber-rich whole foods and removing sugars and highly processed foods. It also recommends a higher intake of water, fed through several but small meals a day, exercise daily.

Another point to take care is sleep, as it is estimated that there is a relationship between sleep deprivation and obesity, which is also active ghrelin. The importance of sleep is essential , so it is recommended to sleep between 6 and 8 hours a day.

Given this information, you can help your ghrelin remain at optimal levels and not generate an excessive increase appetite, so you'd be getting an outstanding victory in the last war against obesity.



What is IUGR?

Intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR) is a term that describes a baby who is not growing at a normal rate inside the uterus. Usually, these babies have a low birth weight.

What health problems causes IUGR?

Babies with IUGR are more likely to have certain health problems (both during pregnancy and after birth). The problems include:

Difficulty managing the stress of a vaginal delivery.
An increased risk of stillbirth.
Low blood sugar at birth.
Reduced resistance to infection.
Problems maintaining body temperature.
A count abnormally high red cell.
Will my baby, when I grow up, normal height?
Chances are your baby reaches a size and normal height when it is about two years.

What is the cause of IUGR?

The IUGR has various causes. The most common cause is a problem with the placenta (the tissue that carries oxygen and blood to the baby food). Birth defects and genetic disorders can also cause IUGR. If the mother has an infection, high blood pressure, a kidney disease, heart disease or sickle cell anemia, or if you are smoking, drinking alcohol or using drugs, your baby may develop IUGR. Sometimes a prescription drug you are taking the mother can cause IUGR.




The carambola subtropical fruit is also known as star fruit for its striking pentagonal shape. It is an exotic fruit that is eaten both as a single dish and salad. It is rich in vitamins and amino acids and is therefore very beneficial for the hair and skin. If we want to stay healthy and beautiful, we have to add fruit to out diet. Here are the benefits of carambola.
Vitamin C
The carambola is rich in vitamin C and helps prevent colds, maintain healthy skin and collagen formation. Vitamin C also helps iron absorption and thus helps to prevent hair loss.
Eating carambola could result to a healthy skin and absorption of the body of a host of other nutrients they need for vitamin C to assimilate.
B complex vitamins
This fruit also contains thiamine, riboflavin and niacin in small quantities. The B vitamins help maintain strong and stable metabolism and also contribute to fostering the growth of hair follicles.
General Health
In addition to vitamins A and B, the carambola is rich in fiber and iron. Like many other watery fruits it has low amounts of calories so it is not fattening.
It is also interesting to note that in many countries, the carambola is used as a home remedy for ailments such as hangovers, sunburn, and even the appearance of eczema.



Currently, one in three American children is obese or overweight. While these are data from a particular country, it is a fact that obesity in children is increasingly common in any part of the globe.

This is like so many other situations that could be avoided with a little information because only few people knows that obesity can be prevented. In fact, it is much easier to prevent than to treat.

The risk of becoming obese in children begins even before birth setting some parameters to be repeated during childhood and are likely to lead to overweight.

Nearly half of American women who are experiencing pregnancy are overweight or obese it increases the chances of the baby being born too small or too large which influences the development of child obesity.

Moreover, the amount of weight the mother gains during pregnancy influences the weight that the child will get later.

According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania, the chances of being overweight at age 7 were 48% higher in those children of mothers who had gained more kilos than recommended during pregnancy.

The weight of the mother before and during pregnancy has a direct influence on the weight that the child be getting on his lifetime.

A good tip is to seize the early years of the baby and be aware of how much weight the baby gains every year. Also,see if it matches the weight of your child with the recommended rates. This is a way to prevent the child to be an obese adult.

During the first year of life and during pregnancy, children and mothers go to the doctor in regular basis so this is an excellent opportunity to study on how to control the weight of your child.





The gestational diabetes is one type of diabetes that normally affects pregnant women. Usually, it refers to a temporary condition where the hormone called insulin was not used properly by the body or the pancreas are not producing enough.

Almost 3 to 4% of pregnant women are affected by gestational diabetes and begins around the second quarter, the fifth or sixth month after giving birth. It can be diagnosed in any of the two periods and there's no treatment druing that stages.

Generally, gestational diabetes may show symptoms but sometimes not. But some women may feel very thirsty, hungry, eager to urinate and worst is having recurring vaginal infections and itching abdomen.

There are some complications that can affect the mother and baby for gestational diabetes problems such as blood pressure problems, premature birth, much amniotic fluid, and many more. This can cause more health problems to the mother and the baby and unfortunately can not be treated immediately.

In the worst case, if the level of insulin is not maintained as it should be and no doctor's consultation, the baby could be born with diabetes. So if this is your case, do not forget what your doctor recommended.