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Mother and child, Pre and post birth depression

Young mothers have many concerns, money, food for the baby, babysitting and other things, but the real problem is the feeling that everything must be perfect. Many researches and inquiries have been made about mothers and the results are very interesting. 12% of the mothers worry about money, 22% thinks that they are not ready to be mothers and 21% say they lack confidence and need some emotional and practical support.

43% of the depressed mothers don`t want to go out from their homes, 22% have suicidal thoughts and 30% suffer from these symptoms more than 18 months. An inquiry made in Great Britain from more corporations say that mothers don`t want to share their problems with no one.

Sally Russell, finder of Netmums Corporation says:

Depression during pregnancy or after can be horrible for the mother, but this affects the whole family not only mothers. The illness steals the emotions and the happiness in the family in time when everybody needs to be happy.

Jane Brewin, Director of a charity child organization called Tommy`s say.

Pregnancy and maternity are things that change people’s life and beside all new physical changes and new responsibilities, many women are scared that they might do something wrong or they will never be good mothers.

Pregnancy is considered as a period of happiness and this fact makes women to feel great pressure and makes them concerned and depressed. Mental health problems during pregnancy have very bad consequences over the baby and the mother, that is why we need to create healthy environment and health system where women can show they feelings and emotions and get the appropriate support and help for their needs.

Lifestyle - Symptoms of stress and how to avoid them

Even if you are obscenely rich or you live in to a tropical heaven, the chances that you’ve never faced stress are minimal. Many specialists connects stress with conditions like tension, dry throat, sweaty hands, muscle tension…but stress has other symptoms that are not known so much and those symptoms are bad influence for our lifestyle.

1. Loss of memories

If you forget things and you cannot concentrate or you can`t take decisions, than probably you are stressed. Or maybe you lack confidence. Even if you are not stressed and you need some lack of confidence, it won`t be bad take 10 minutes of your and drink one cup of tea.

2. Yawning

If you yawn too much and you don`t feel sleepy, than the main reason for that is the lack of oxygen to the body or fast breathing, this is cause by stress. In this case people yawn so they can overtake the lack of oxygen. If you suspect something similar, than you need to take a rest and take deep breaths.

3. Blood, sweat and …food

Unfortunately the excessive stress stimulates the secretion of hormones called catecholamine’s, which take great part of the blood coagulation, this tells us that chronic stress can cause heart problems and heart strokes. This is why you should learn how to deal with stress.

4. Sweating

Other hormonal misbalance is sweating, especially under the armpits. Here, the sweat is different from the other parts of the body and has strong smell, the solution is to use antiperspirants and learn how to deal with stress.

5. Dry mouth

Dry mouth can be caused from lowering of the saliva in the mouth. This can cause smelly breath, halitosis and teeth problems. Drink water regularly and take care of you teeth. Wash and clean them with a thread after every meal.

Probably at least once in your life you have heard about Zen. Some people say that it is some kind of meditation, other think that we talk about some religion, philosophy, lifestyle or art. But what really hides the word Zen?

Zen is a branch of Buddhism that originates from India. In the second half of the 20th century it is widely known phenomenon that attracts large number of people in the world.



Basic and most important thing in Zen is meditation which takes the biggest part of this lifestyle. Meditation is a great way to relax, nice way to deal with stress situations and finding peace. Firstly you need to find something about the different ways of meditation and choose the best way of meditation for you. If you meditate every day you will feel the psychological and physical improvement of your mind and body. Many researches shows that meditation lowers the level of blood cholesterol and have positive influence on the chronic diseases and cancer.

Breathing is connected with meditation. The easiest way to calm and relax your body from different types of stress is to concentrate on the breathing. That`s why you need to take deep breaths and release the air slowly. Always inhale through the nose and exhale from the mouth.

Methods of exercises 

If you want to relax your body and to find your inner peace you need to start learning and exercising yoga, it helps you feel free and it is good for shaping and tightening of the muscles.

Massage your face

 There are different types of massages and many of this you can practice on yourself. It is easy to massage your face. Relax all your muscles on your face, put warm hydrating crème and start massaging your face with small curves. You can start from your air brows and massage between the eyes, after that go down towards the nose and cheeks.

Fruit and vegetable juices are very easy to be made, you can make it with or without juicer, and these kinds of juices are quite cheaper from those with vitamins and mineral supplements.  They should be consumed right after the fruits are squeezed because after a while they will start oxidizing and their vitamins and minerals starts to vanish. Never use sugar or honey.


Pineapple – Juice from pineapple is good for better function of the kidneys and liver and contains a substance that burns fat.

Peach – Juice from peach is good for the heart and cures arrhythmia. Also helps against Anemia and gastritis.

Black Currant – Juice from black currant is wonderful for people who lack vitamins, suffer from anemia, gastritis, bronchopneumonia and different flus. It is a great fighter against flus and it strengthens the immune system. Also it is full with vitamin C.

Red Currant – Juice is recommended for people suffering from cardiovascular system, skin diseases, rheumatic diseases and colds.

Beet – Juice from beet is great for stamina and against anemia and diseases of the digestive system. It cleans the body and lowers the blood pressure. In the beginning it is better to consume in smaller quantities (1 soup spoon), or to be mixed with carrot juice.  I


Grape – Juice from grapes helps in a stress situation, it cleans the kidneys and the liver and lowers the level of cholesterol.

Apple – Apple juice is good for fat people and people suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the liver and kidneys, arthrosclerosis etc. It is good for people who have high mental activity..

Tomato – Tomato juice is one of the healthiest, it is good for diets and it strengthens the immune system. It is full with minerals and natural antioxidants and vitamins.


Starting to eat healthy foods now is much better than not at all. Most of us just realize how those healthy foods can bring good impact to human beings when they find out that their friends or relatives were suffering from fatal diseases. So, let’s take a look on what kinds of foods that our bodies love to take.

Vegetable and Fruits

Both of them should be included on our main courses and small meals. Fruits can replace sweets that we usually crave and vegetables should be included in almost all meals. We can even consume broccoli to replace our favorite tortilla chips. Both veggies and fruits are rich of healthy minerals and  vitamins that really can boost our immune systems. It goes without saying that vegetables and fruits are the best ones for reducing the risk of any illness in our older age. Both of them are very beneficial for every organ in a human’s body. Vegetables with darker colors contain richer chlorophyll and it applies to broccolis and collard greens. Others which are also good for our health include onions, sweet potatoes and pears.

Unsaturated Fats

They are available on fish and white meats like chicken. Everyone should, at least, consume one of those options because they contain good fats in moderate way. Salmon and all kinds of fish will be the best options for healthy foods with tasty savor. Though cheese, milk and other fatty meats are still needed for our bodies, we may limit their intake for avoiding higher cholesterol level.

High Protein Foods

Choose the egg whites and nuts and bake them instead of frying them. Some other sources of good protein include beans and nut butters.

Consuming all of them should be combined with plenty of water and adequate exercises so that there will be good balance on food intake and body’s excessive fats disposal.


Most of us do not realize that our body is full of toxic. The worse thing is that we do not know that feeling fatigue is one of several indications of body’s toxicity. Commonly, people who suffer from allergies and overweight have more than twenty-five pounds of fecal within the colons.

It is easy to apply healthy lifestyle which can detoxify our body from hazardous substances. It is as easy as eating alkaline foods like vegetables and fruits. Though they sound obvious, most of us forget that they should be included on main courses. We even prefer to prepare preserved foods to our kids instead of ‘forcing’ them to eat fruits and veggies because they always refuse. It is better to start a healthy lifestyle to our kids so that they can live on a better future without suffering from any hazardous illness.

Toxic in our body is mostly from several foods like carbohydrate with non complex substances, poultry, and red meat. It is fine to eat them in moderate or low ways because they may only produce saturated fats which will be piled up within body. What we need is consuming more vitamins and minerals for avoiding deficiencies. It is important to eat minerals and vitamins from natural foods instead of taking supplements. Supplements may contain chemical substances, which may be higher in amount as compared to the mineral or vitamin itself.

The last but the most important thing is human’s daily intake clean and pure water. Boiled or filtered water is recommended. Alkaline water is also recommended though pure water is much better. There are some products for filtering water and they can be good options to filter tap water. They are much more expensive as compared to filtered water pitcher so it is better to buy based on budget and needs.


This is common for people to suffer from headaches. Though they find it bothering, they just take them for granted by taking pills to eliminate the pain. At first, it will work though too much painkiller medicines taking can lead to various serious diseases. Basically, headaches are caused by several ‘simple’ reasons like stress, sitting too long in front of laptop or PC and being dehydrated. Even those who usually apply healthy lifestyle cannot avoid it sometimes.

There are natural ways to get rid of headaches so that one can avoid taking painkillers too much. Taking stress for granted is the most effective ways in avoiding headaches at the first place. This may be silly though everyone can just apply a good sense of humor on their daily activities. Sometimes, it is hard for not being too serious though we still have to do all tasks properly. In this case, it is recommended for avoiding stress by taking everything in simple manner. Try mingling with others on lunch break and have great, light discussions without talking about how terrible the riots in Egypt or any kind of bad news. Talk about the latest technology or other interesting topics which can avoid stress at the first place.

Adequate rest or sleep is also very vital. It will not only help one into boosting a natural health but it can avoid headaches and stresses significantly. You will suffer from headaches when you lack of sleep. This is because your stress and overtiredness remain at your body if you do not put your body into good rest. This is what everyone may neglect as they turn to their cups of coffees to eliminate their headaches.

Combining good rest and adequate exercise is the best thing to do to avoid any kind of headache. Our body will be in the best condition when we eat properly in terms of time and nutrition intake. So, say goodbye to headaches and enjoy your healthy, headache-free life!

Summer has just left us and now most of us do not realize that our face’s skin suffers from hydration. This may left to unawareness because busy women do not pay attention on such matters. They started suffering from black spot on their skins or dry feeling in which they are very bothering. If you face the same thing, then you need to have urgent skin treatment to save your skin from damaging. You can get your glowing skin easier than before by only applying these natural methods below.


Orange Juice or Lemon Mask

This may be beyond your imagination in which you can choose your favorite beverage on your lovely face. Yes, orange juice or lemon is a kind of beverage with high level of vitamin C. They are also very good to your face in which you can just apply them separately or with yogurt. The substance within the lemon or orange juice can leave skin hydrated and free from dead skin cells. For scrubbing, just add rose water and a mashed apple. They work well like any scrubbing treatment at worldwide beauty clinics


Toning is more than just controlling the shine on our face which can be very bothering. Toning in the right way is effective in leaving the skin in matte condition so that our T-zone does not look very oily. If you try to find nature-based toner, citrus substances are the best sources. Be ready to see your beautiful skin!

Lightweight Moisturizer

This is obvious in which moisturizer is the key to glowing, soft skin which can be applied to any kind of makeup. Yet, we need lightweight moisturizer so that one can just avoid oily T-zone. It applies to everyone though one should pay attention closely on the kinds of moisturizer.


There are still some other natural resources which everyone can explore to maximize a glowing skin look. Just browse around and explore your creativity in glowing your skin costly.

Your skin is so, so important and no matter what you do, you've got to take care of it! These are just a couple tips that you can use to really get your skin in shape for the summer, but they might not work in the winter, remember that. As the seasons change, so should your skin care routine! So gals, what type of skincare routine do you have now? Do you use any of the tips I've created now?


We should be shocked on how so many people get sick easily as we live in a world where the nature is rich of healthy food. There are so many kinds of meals which are very affordable around us and we should not worry about suffering from any kind of disease. We all know for sure what kinds of healthy foods are and there is no reason for not consuming it. In this article, you can read some combinations of healthy food which are available in the market and how we can prepare them into delectable, routine meals for everyone in the family.

First, let’s find out what we can do with chicken. All of us love chicken and our kids surely can have higher appetite with various chicken recipes. Try serving chicken with steamed veggies or baked potato along with pasta. Add some other kids’ favorite side dishes like French fries. Steamed veggies can go well with grilled chicken or you can replace the steamed veggies with vegetable salads. Kids prefer the second alternative.

Next, let’s try fish as the main menu. Undoubtedly, fish is very rich in protein and it is good for kids whose brains need high amount of fatty acids. You can just try grilled salmon or tuna and serve them with salad or sweet potatoes. They are very easy to cook and contain few calories and fat as long as you steam or grill them. ,

As a human being, it is normal to crave for sweets and your kids will make a great protest if you do not serve any sweet food that they always love. Healthy alternatives for sweet food include chocolate jelly pudding, or chocolate cakes with low calorie whipped cream or butter. Kids still can enjoy the sweet taste without mounting any useless calories and sugar intake within.


These days, people are prone to feel stressful due to their daily problems on works, financial matters, and family problems. Stress leads to various diseases and one of them is stroke. This is the number one killer of thousands of people throughout the world. Some people may be misleading about heart attack and stroke. Signs of stroke include influent speech, numbness, or it can be worse like blurred sight.

Everyone has a great chance to suffer from stroke as it is caused by external factors instead of being inherited. The first factor is high level of cholesterol. The next one is heavy smoking or alcoholic drinking. Other factors include stress and frequent consumption of illegal or non-prescribed medicines. Yet, aging can be another factor which can cause an individual to suffer from stroke. This is when he or she cannot control his or her lifestyle in terms of daily consumption or behavior control.

Don’t be downhearted though you are now in your fortieth. You still can avoid suffering from stroke, as long as you change your daily lifestyle or maintain healthy lifestyle. With very simple and healthy living, it is very easy for everyone to avoid getting stroke risk. Enough exercise, which is balanced with good nutrition food, can be the best ways to get rid of stroke risk. Exercising in three times a week is more than just enough, as long as the exercise is in good quality.

However, there are some people, who are prone to suffer from stroke, due to their daily consumptions of medicines for years. It is best to discuss with doctors or other medical experts about the medicines that they have consumed so far. They should make sure that there are much safer options in avoiding stroke.

The last important thing is to be very relax in facing everything that happens in our lives. We have problems and so do other people. If you have high confidence, then you will have strong courage to face them without worrying about them. Do not torture yourself.