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Kidneys play a vital role in our survival. Apart from the job of filtering the blood by eliminating the waste products and excess water from the body in the form of urine, the kidney also has some other important functions. These functions include converting inactive form of vitamin D to active form so that it aids in the absorption of calcium in the bones and producing a precise amount of erythropoietin which is a precursor for blood cell synthesis.

In chronic kidney disease a.k.a chronic renal disease, the functions of the kidney starts deteriorating progressively. When acute kidney disease remains for over 3 months, it is then regarded as chronic kidney disease. Patients with CKD are hypertensive and represent with elevated potassium in blood, decreased erythropoietin thus anemic, edema, elevated blood pH, decreased calcium in response to active vitamin D deficiency.

Tips for People with Chronic Kidney Disease:

Following are some tips for patients suffering from CKD of how to maintain the intake of sodium because sodium has a very bad impact on the blood pressure since it is not being secreted out of the body through filtration:

  1. Foods those are low in sodium:
  • Rice
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Noodles
  • Cereal cooked without any salt
  • Meat
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Salt-less nuts
  • Low sodium peanut butter
  • Salt-less salad dressings
  • Salt-free popcorn
  1. Try to avoid foods that are canned such as fish, bean, vegetables, tomato products etc.
  2. Cook yourself instead of getting prepared food.
  3. If you buy canned stuff, make sure you wash away the extra salt from it
  4. Try to buy fresh veggies and fruits.


Hypoglycemia is defined as abnormally low blood glucose level which can occur as a complication of treatment of diabetes mellitus due to excessive insulin production, medications and poisons, alcohol, prolonged starvation, hormone deficiencies, organ failure and inborn error of metabolism. Hypoglycemia normally acts as an indicator of health problem resulting from hormone or enzyme deficiencies or tumors.

The symptoms of hypoglycemia are as follows:








difficulty speaking,

and dizziness.

During sleep, hypoglycemia can cause you to have night mares, perspiration and feel tired, irritable or confused after waking up.

The carbohydrates we eat is broken down into the simplest form of sugar; glucose which enters the bloodstream immediately. However excess glucose is stored as glycogen by the action of the hormone insulin. If a person suffering from diabetes takes too much insulin his/her blood sugar level can become very low presenting him with the condition hypoglycemia. Also if the person eats less or does exercise can cause him to develop hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia can also occur in people who do not suffer from diabetes but have swallowed diabetes medication. Other drugs such as Quinine; used for treating malaria, and salicylates; used for treating rheumatic disease, can also cause hypogylcemia. Other causes can be liver diseases, kidney disorders, eating disorders, insulinoma, endocrine problems and reactive hypoglycemia.

To prevent hypoglycemia keep a regular check on blood glucose levels, eat regularly, avoid heavy drinking, eat carbohydrate-rich food before exercising and carry your ID with you wherever you go.

Portrait Of A Man Yelling Into A Megaphone

Facing the public is one the biggest fear of many people I know. It is quite natural because of the fact that not everyone has the skills to communicate with others or it may be due to lack of confidence in them. So why is confidence so important in our social and professional lives? Well, if you don’t know how to deal with people it is most probable that you won’t be able to bring out the best of them. You won’t be able to express yourself. So the following tips may help you gain some confidence in facing the people that are quite eager to hear what you've got to say to them.

If you see yourself in the mirror, you’ll see that you don’t actually look bad when you speak. Practice conversations with yourself in front of the mirror.

Don’t be shy of your mistakes. Everyone initially makes mistakes when they speak. Practice makes man perfect.

Tell your friend to help you make new friends. The more people you interact with, the more confident you’ll feel.

Enjoy your time with your friends. The more hesitant you are to speak, the more confidence you’ll lose.

Social networking sites ruin the capability of a person to talk to their acquaintances face to face. Try to focus more on interacting with the person you wish to talk to. You may feel awkward but that is totally fine because gradually you’ll learn how to do that.

Change your attitude a little. Be more polite in your speech. People attract to you by how you by how nicely you behave with them.

When you go for a presentation or a speech, think as if the people sitting in front of you don’t know anything regarding the topic. This will give you some confidence.


Everyone is scared of cancer. Even I am. So how about adding some cancer fighting food to your diet? It is true that a single food can’t completely reduce the risk of cancer but a combo of food can.

Vegetables and fruits:

Maintaining a healthy body is important and you can’t do this without vegetables and fruits. Unhealthy obese body calls in for risks of many different types of cancers, such as kidney cancers, colon cancer and esophageal cancer.

Breakfast is important for fighting cancer:

Add strawberries, orange juice or other fresh juices in your breakfast. More so, add cereals and wheat as well.

Folate-Rich Food:

Folate protects you from cancers. Good source of folate include lettuce, sunflower seeds, leafy green vegetables, eggs, chicken liver and asparagus.

Cancer-Fighting Tomatoes

Lycopene, present in tomatoes are popular for their property of fighting cancer especially prostate cancer. This phytochemical is also present in watermelon.

Tea is good for fighting cancer:

Green tea apart from having so many health benefits also work against cancers. It prevents colon cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer lung and skin cancers and many others.

Grapes fight cancer:

Resveratrol is a phyto chemical that has antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. You should drink grape juice or eat grapes as part of your diet.

Keep yourself hydrated:

Water will help you protect against urinary bladder cancer.


Beans also help fight cancer because of the phytochemicals that it contains.

Spice it up:

Turmeric is a great cancer fighting spice. Add it to your diet.


Kids are in their peak phase of growth and they, therefore, require the best and the nutritive food they can get. Following are the content that needs to be definitely made part of their diet. Parent should take special care of what they eat and that they get what is required for growth.

Calcium is a must have for children for it is required for growth of bones, teeth and other vital functions. 500 milligrams should be given to a child.  You can give calcium in the form of milk, cheese, spinach etc.

Magnesium is yet another bone-friendly mineral. Other than that, magnesium is good for the nervous system of the body and is involves in so many vital functions as well. A child over the age nine should have 240 milligrams of magnesium a day while a teenager should have 410 milligrams. You can give magnesium in the form of  spinach, almonds, cashews, , raisins Avocado and oatmeal etc.

Vitamin D is an essential content a child should have. It is important for calcium deposition in bones, it improves immune functions and controls inflammation. Children of all ages should be given 400 milligrams of this vitamin. You can give vitamin D in the form of milk, fish etc.

Apart from so many important functions of vitamin E, it is good for your heart, eyes, skin and it acts as anti-oxidants. You should give 15 milligrams per day to a child older than fourteen.

You can give vitamin E in the form of almonds, sunflower seeds, olives, broccoli and peanuts, are delicious sources of this nutrient. Kiwis, and will also do the trick.

Fiber should be given for they are great for health.


Having a healthy and perfect body helps you to lead an active lifestyle and boosts your confidence level.  Exercising is extremely essential for those who dream to have a perfect physique. Go for activities that increase your heart rate and exert your lungs such as biking, swimming, and running. Cardiovascular exercises, such as jogging for minimum 30 minutes, help to trim your body and reduce risk of getting heart diseases.  Jogging also helps to build your stamina. Practice techniques like yoga and meditation regularly and do normal workouts, such as weight- lifting, to keep yourself in a fit shape. You can also get video games such as Wii fit and DDR, they will get you in a perfect shape in no time.

Opt for foods that nourish your body, instead of starving off hunger. Settle upon a balanced diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables and eliminate sugary and fatty foods.  In addition to it, substitute soda and juices with water. To further improve your physical health you can add herbal and vitamin supplements to your diet. A healthy diet controls testosterone, growth hormone and Insulin like growth factor. For professional advice you could visit dieticians and fitness trainers.

Stress is the root cause of all diseases which also causes rise in cortisol level which can make you fat.  If you want a sleek figure, it’s time to give up vices like cigarette and alcohol; apart from being hazardous to health they can also distort your physique.


Strawberries are no doubt most delicious fruit that we have on earth, at least for some people. To know the health benefits and nutritional information is also important.  Let us see what a cup of strawberries have to offer:

Calories 46

Protein: 0.96 grams

Fiber: 2.9 grams

Minerals in Strawberries:

There are abundant minerals present in strawberries. These are:

Calcium - 23 mg

Sodium - 1 mg

Potassium - 220 mg

Manganese - 0.556 mg

Copper - 0.069 mg

Iron - 0.59 mg

Magnesium - 19 mg

Selenium 0.6 mcg

Phosphorus - 35 mg

Zinc - 0.2 mg and others in minute amount.

Vitamins in Strawberries:

These small reddish fruits not only are tasty adorable and healthy but they are also overloaded with vitamins. These include:

Vitamin C - 84.7 mg

Vitamin A - 17 IU

Vitamin B6 - 0.068 mg

Niacin - 0.556 mg

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - 0.035 mg

Pantothenic Acid - 0.18 mg

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) - 0.032 mg

Vitamin K - 3.2 mcg Vitamin E - 0.42 mg

Folate - 35 mcg


Health benefits of strawberries are:

  • They are good for eyes as well because a recent research study reveals that if you eat two to three strawberries a day this will lessen your chances of having macular degeneration.
  • Strawberries are rich in antioxidants which are good for the body.
  • Strawberries contain phenols which are popular for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Other than that, strawberries also have anti-cancer properties. They are rich in such chemical substances that protect the cells from damage.
  • Talking about the beneficial minerals that strawberries contain, manganese acts as an anti-oxidant as well as anti-inflammatory agent. It is also good for healthy bones and manganese together with Vitamin K and potassium strengthens the bones.
  • Because of the fiber content present in strawberries, they are good for our digestive system and also good for those who are aiming to lose some pounds. This is because of the special property of fibers to stay inside the stomach and move slowly.
  • Strawberries are packed with vitamin C with strengthens your immune system and reduces the blood pressure as well. It also has many vital functions within the body.




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Your heart is the reason why you’re still alive. Thanking God that it is still pumping is not enough. You have got to take care of it. What you eat should be healthy for your heart. But do you know WHAT is healthy for your heart? The list is huge but following foods also count as healthy food choice to prevent a great many heart diseases:

  • Oatmeal: Eating unprocessed oatmeal lowers down blood cholesterol. Cholesterol is the main culprit of most of the life threatening cardiovascular diseases.
  • Raisins: Enriched with potassium, raisins can help you control hypertension which is not good for your health.
  • Salmon:  Enriched with selenium and omega-3 fatty acids, baked or grilled salmon improves the heart’s  metabolic activity and protects the heart from oxidative damage.
  • Dark Chocolate: Chocolate good for heart? Cool. Choose chocolate containing 70% cocoa because it is said to be relieve hypertension.
  • Liver: Enriched with good fats, liver is good food for your heart.
  • Cauliflower: Not a delight, but cauliflower is packed with antioxidants and is also rich in fiber content. It contains allicin, which proves to lower cholesterol and also reduce the chances of having a MI.
  • Blueberries: Enriched with powerful antioxidants called resveratrol and flavonoids blueberries protect the heart.
  • Green tea: Green tea not only is good for heart health but it has a lot more health benefits to offer. It reduces high BP and the ingredients present in it such as catechin and flavnoids offer anti-oxidant benefits.

Root Ginger367029

Out of the many plants that we eat, ginger is a frequently used plant which is consumed in variable ways. It is found deep inside the soil because it is a root. Ginger is being consumed regularly by millions of people around the globe be it as an ingredient of food or as a medicine or spice. In this article, we shall see the many health benefits that ginger has in stored for us. Although all of its benefits cannot be mentioned in the article, but let me tell you that it is a highly effective ingredient to boost out health status especially our digestive system.

  • Solves many GIT problems: Ginger is great for your digestive system. It not only improves appetite but also is helpful in treating many digestive problems indigestion, nausea etc.
  • Alleviates pain inside the ear: To relieve the pain in the ear, you need to mix ginger juice with salt, sesame seed and honey and warm it up a little. Pour it inside the affected ear and you shall the result.
  • Makes Influenza and cough better: The use of Ginger powder helps improve cough and influenza.
  • Makes nausea better: Nausea can be made better by drinking ginger juice and onion juice mixed together.
  • Solves throat issues: Ginger juice along with honey makes sore throat better.
  • Good for your brain: Ginger is also good for your memory and in many diseases concerning the brain.
  • Good ingredient in winters: Ginger proves to resist cold weather and helps the heat stay inside the body hence protecting you from the harshness of low temperatures.


Calorie count is crucial and very important for people who have more than normal weight. Carbohydrates have always been a question mark for obese people because when on diet, carbohydrates are minimally consumed so that the stored body fat be consumed as a source of energy.

So are carbohydrates bad for fat people? Well, it depends on the type of carbohydrate you are consuming. Let me tell you that carbohydrates are sugars which are used by the body for energy. There are simple as well complex carbs which are digested within the digestive tracts into smaller molecules. Fibers are also a type of carbohydrates that are indigestible.

We can divide carbohydrates into good ones and bad ones. Those which contain fibers are good carbs for example whole grains, vegetables and fruits etc and those which are refined and devoid of fiber content are considered bad carbs.

Good carbs, because they contain a certain amount of fiber, are quite advantageous for people who are willing to lose weight. Also, these give us many more benefits for instance they are good for heart and keep the digestive system clean.

Not only this, good carbs keeps you satiated for a long time because of the fact that they stay inside the stomach and you don’t feel hungry and you ultimately end up eating less.

Also putting a little light on bad carbs, let me tell you that they are not so good for health especially for obese people. So make sure you stay away from bad carbs and added sugar and include good carbs in your diet.