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There are many out there that are looking for healthy and glowing tan and while getting one might seem like a bit of a hassle during the process, the end results will often keep you motivated. While the usage of an indoor tanning lotion goes a long way in achieving the look you want, you do not want to sacrifice your skin’s health for short term benefits. Here are six tips that will help you get the best tan from your indoor tanning lotion.

→ Take the advice of your certified tanning consultant or a health specialist on the product that you wish to sue before actually purchasing it. They most likely will give you a detailed review along with how safe it is for usage and if it suits your skin type.

→ Purchase your tanning lotion from a trusted source, which you are both familiar with and is renowned for delivering quality products. When it comes to tanning solutions, just like in case of most cosmetics, stay away from the really cheap ones as they could be either damaged or even harmful to your skin. Prefer quality and stick to a descent source.

→ Try it before you buy it- this is a pretty good principle when it comes to a tanning lotion. If you do not like the lotion after purchase, then you will waste all of it as most likely you will not open the bottle again. Trying it will also determine if it suits your particular skin type as well.

→ Apply it evenly and this will ensure that the natural bronzers in the tanning lotion work throughout and give you an even tone. Generous and even application often yields excellent results.

→ Stick to one tanning lotion for a sustained period of time and do not jump brands and products at an instant. Use them according to the instructions and await the results with a tad bit of patience. Skipping around with various products only damages your skin.

→ Use your tanning lotion the right way and give it ample time to kick in. Applying it a good 30 minutes before hitting the tanning bed is often a good way to go. But do check out individual optimal times for each product and follow accordingly.