Are carbs bad for fat people?


Calorie count is crucial and very important for people who have more than normal weight. Carbohydrates have always been a question mark for obese people because when on diet, carbohydrates are minimally consumed so that the stored body fat be consumed as a source of energy.

So are carbohydrates bad for fat people? Well, it depends on the type of carbohydrate you are consuming. Let me tell you that carbohydrates are sugars which are used by the body for energy. There are simple as well complex carbs which are digested within the digestive tracts into smaller molecules. Fibers are also a type of carbohydrates that are indigestible.

We can divide carbohydrates into good ones and bad ones. Those which contain fibers are good carbs for example whole grains, vegetables and fruits etc and those which are refined and devoid of fiber content are considered bad carbs.

Good carbs, because they contain a certain amount of fiber, are quite advantageous for people who are willing to lose weight. Also, these give us many more benefits for instance they are good for heart and keep the digestive system clean.

Not only this, good carbs keeps you satiated for a long time because of the fact that they stay inside the stomach and you don’t feel hungry and you ultimately end up eating less.

Also putting a little light on bad carbs, let me tell you that they are not so good for health especially for obese people. So make sure you stay away from bad carbs and added sugar and include good carbs in your diet.

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