All You Need to Know About the Dukan Diet


The Dukan diet has not only become one of the issues regarding star diets and regimens to lose weight is, but also a major health-related searches. And that's probably because this weight loss system offers everything you want: lose weight in a few days and eating everything you want.

Although it must be said that the diet does not end after reached the ideal weight, and you are allowed to eat all the foods allowed inside, which in some stages are very varied, based primarily on the importance of protein intake and the practice of daily exercise, especially walking.

Dukan Diet Phases

Although the Dukan diet is one that promises weight loss in a few days , and many patients confirm this, one of its weaknesses is the large set of rules that make up the 4 stages of this weight loss regimen.

Stage Attack

It can not have a better name, because at this stage you can eat all the food you want, within the allowed, of course, but still often considered one of the most restrictive phase of the major difficulties that arise.

The foods allowed on the Dukan method for this phase will focus on protein-rich lean meats, nonfat dairy products, soft drinks calories, water and oats. And although there is a wide variety of meats that can be consumed during this period, which can last from 1-10 days, the diet at this point is pretty monotonous, so it allows the use of herbs and spices to enhance the flavor of meals.

Cruise Stage

This phase is designed to achieve the desired weight and can lose up to 1 pound of weight per week. To this end, slightly increase the allowable amount of oat bran and added a group of 28 plants from which you can choose.

Consolidation Stage

When you enter this stage, it means you've already reached the weight you wanted, so now you must consolidate it. Thus, the consolidation phase extends for a period proportional to the weight loss, estimated around 10 days for every kilo you've ignited.

Foods you can still eat lean meats and vegetables of the second stage, but enrichment of two slices of bread, some fruit, cheese and starches. It even allows a day off where you can eat whatever you want, and although this is literal and the rules allow, you know very well what foods suit you and which are not.

Stabilization stage

This is the last phase of the Dukan diet, but that does not mean the end. But, on the contrary, the basis of the scheme should be extended for the rest of life. Taking as a basis always allowed foods, you can eat all you want and however you want for much of the week, but on the seventh day you will have to reserve it only for an exclusive supply of protein .

Furthermore, the amount of oat bran and up to 3 tablespoons becomes a daily requirement.



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