9 Healthy Indian Food Recipes

Nearly all indigenous diets are healthy in the sense that they have developed over the years to meet the nutritional needs of the population.  They’re balanced, the ingredients are locally sourced and minimally processed.  Unfortunately, many of these foods are less healthy when taken out of context and adapted to Western tastes, often with additives and preservatives.

Here are 9 traditional recipes


1. Aloo Gobi – a dish of potatoes and cauliflower, spiced with Serrano pepper, coriander and ginger and colored with turmericwhich boosts the liver's ability to detoxify blood.

2. Mulligatawny – a favorite of the British in India – is a curried chicken soup with spices, basmati rice and coconut milk.

3. SaagPaneer – spinach with fresh cheese.  Saag means greens and besides spinach, mustard, collard, fenugreek, or beet greens can be used.  The cheese is easily made fresh or can be bought.  Ginger, chili, garam masala and cream complete the dish.  Serve with flatbread.


4. Kadhaimurghi– A stir-fry dish with colorful combines peppers, carrots and red onionsmixed with spice-coated chicken – uses coriander, cumin and fennelseeds, red chili peppers, lime juice and a half-cup of finely chopped mint to achieve its unique flavor.

5. Chanaaur Sarsonka Saag Biryani is a Basmati rice &curry casserole based on meat, vegetables or legumes with whole spices such as cardamoms and saffron, plus mustard greens and chickpeas.


6. Fish biryani can be made with white fish or an oilier variety.  Garlic and ginger paste, cumin seeds and well-reduced tomatoes create the flavor with chopped coriander for garnish.

7. Green masala can be used as a marinade with fish or chicken.  It is a paste made from coriander, mint leaves, a full head of garlic, fresh ginger, green chilis, cinnamon, poppy seedsand cloves.

8. Rajmah orKidney Beans make an excellent vegetarian dish with spices and potato in a tomato-based sauce.

9.   KeemaAloo is a one-dish meal made up of lamb mince and potatoes in a spicy sauce.

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