6 tips for faster morning preparation

Every morning you wish to have 10 more minutes before you go out of the door? You regret that you didn`t woke up from the bed with the first ring of the alarm and you promise to yourself that from tomorrow everything will be different. Morning preparation can be a nightmare, especially when you search your make up or wander what clothes to dress.Next few tips will help you prepare for a short time and you`ll still look wonderful.


1. Make a morning bag.

In a small bag you can put all your cosmetic products you use every day. For most of women those are face and hand cream, powder, mascara and all stuff for makeup. Place you red lipstick and your eyeliner in another bag. This morning bag will save you at least few minutes, cause you won’t lose any time searching your make up and

2. Think what to dress while you brush your teeth.

Right after waking up you need to think what to dress, but instead watching in the mirror and wondering you can think of that while you are brushing your teeth, visualize your look and then dressing will be very easy for you.

3. Or better, you can prepare you fashion combination a day before.

Decisions made in a short time and under pressure are never perfect. If you find some time and you ask yourself, what to wear tomorrow than you will avoid trying 10 different clothes. So prepare your clothes from the evening.

4. Always be prepared and have one dressing combination for “emergencies”.

You`ve woke up 5 minutes before you need to go? Than in these cases of panic the best thing to have is an emergency combination.

5. Use toning cream with protective factor 3 in 1.

Unless putting hydrating cream for face, the cream with protective factor and liquid powder you can by a 3 in one cream and you can protect your skin much easier and faster.

6. Don`t put mascara on you bottom eyelashes.

To save time put mascara only on your upper eyelashes. Putting mascara on your bottom eyelashes is more delicate and mistakes can be done in that case you`ll have to lose time cleaning the mess.

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