5 healthy breakfast foods that will help you shed weight

If you have heard the statement “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” a million times before, then you have simply not heard it enough. As much clichéd as the statement is, it is probably still the biggest understatement as most people tend to pay very little attention to what they put on their plate early in the morning.

The stress of modern life and the constant race with the clock has meant that most of us give breakfast either a complete skip or fill it with the wrong stuff. In case you are planning to shed weight and get in shape for your next visit to the beach, then here are 5 healthy foods that your breakfast must include so that you move closer to your target --


They are delicious, easy to integrate into your breakfast schedule and most importantly, provide you with the fiber content you need. Fruits, in general are great as part of your early morning diet and they also add in much needed ‘fructose’, which will take care of your energy needs.


Oatmeal is gaining plenty of popularity these days and you can see a wide variety of ‘oat’ options lined up in any supermarket and health shop off late. There is plenty of sound reasoning behind this new found love for oats. Not only do they leave you full for a long day ahead, but oats contain lots of protein and fiber which will help kick out fat as you go for your next workout.

Toast with Peanut Butter

You will not have too much to complain about regarding a lovely toast of bread with peanut butter on it. Another food item rich in proteins, this brings together taste, health and loads of calories in a nutritious fashion.


One of the best thing about eggs is that they leave you full for a long time compared to other healthy breakfast options and this means you will keep away from junk food before you go in for a proper lunch. They also present you with various options, if you are an innovative cook and bring much needed balance to your diet.


When we say yogurt, we mean the real deal and not frozen yogurt, which is not really that good as part of your breakfast. You can mix in a wide variety of fruits along with yogurt to give this protein-rich diet a tasty twist.

While you include the healthy stuff, cut out items like muffins, bagels, pancakes and even cereal, if possible, to give yourself the best possible chance to shed weight and acquire a fit look.

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